Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wednesday Wish (94); The Wisdom of Change

Leaves canopy
photo by james via flickr

They hold fast to the branches that lift them up, closer to the light. It’s the natural thing to do. They dance and flutter with the wind, their little green bodies utterly flexible, even when they are blown with near violence. They welcome birds and bugs and bees, and shade flowers and people and sleepy dogs. They take in ugly and breath out beauty, and they even give us shelter in the rain. Ahhh … the leaves of our beautiful, up-arching trees … they have so much to say.

This past week I journeyed into the hills of Maine and New Hampshire. It’s cooler up there so the leaves were beginning to speak of falling. They had begun to transform themselves into the goldens and browns and reds of Autumn and a few had even let go, fluttered themselves all the way down-down to the ground. You see, the leaves of my northern dwelling were sharing wisdoms. And I was there to listen.

*          *          *

Timing isn’t everything. Your response to the times, though, is.

Good, better, best is judgment. In nature, no such distinctions exist.

Be Affected.
Be Flexible.
Dance with the winds that surround you.

When the days grow shorter, find creative ways to bring more light in and around you.

Your body is not who you are.
You are not the color of your skin.
You are beautiful, you are unique, you are a miracle, no matter your form.

*          *          *

What part of nature has wisdom to share with you this Fall?

Do the birds flying south remind you to examine your surroundings, to get rid of or leave behind the things that no longer ‘keep you warm’?

As the sun sets earlier and rises later are you reminded to draw greater illumination from your inner light?

Do the animals growing warmer coats remind you to bundle up, to turn your attention more within?

Do the flowers transferring their energy from their blossoms to their roots, remind you to put your own energy more into who you are at your core, or to dig deeper for your answers, for your strength?

As the air turns cooler outside and warmer inside, are you reminded to find new comfort within?

Does the change from new, fresh greens to rich, golden browns remind you to color your world a new shade, to embrace the beauty in aging and the magical mystery of life?

This week my Wish is that you discover your own bits of wisdom in this season we call Fall, that you let the transformation of nature all around you, move you, affect you, transform you as it transforms itself. After all, you are a part of nature, so to fight change isn’t natural. What’s natural is to color yourself rich with the wisdom of change.


  1. Letting go...... Very interesting how nature teaches us that it needs to happen again and again. Flexibility to bend and not break. ( Well not all the time , as we are only human :). Balance as in the equinox , knowing the cycles will return. Beautifully colorful thoughts as usual Brynne!! Thank You.

    1. :) All smiles with your insights, dear Tim. Thank you!:) Isn't it interesting that leaves reflect the heart of a tree...and maybe most obviously when that heart is broken. My heart is golden happy right now reading you:) Happy day, bright spirit!

  2. I traditionally dreaded fall - one reason I moved to California all those years ago. But this fall I seem to be welcoming the change in temperature and light. Even this morning I rolled out of bed well before first light and puttered around the house. As dawn broke, I was treated to the most beautiful fog rolling down the lake, coming off the warmer water. I'll commune with the leaves as I take my walk shortly. Nice column... So many questions to consider...

    1. My guess is that this is going to be a BEAUTIFUL Fall and Winter for you, dear Michael! Hooray! And if things get too warm in your tropical paradise, I am comforted knowing you have at least 2 places to call home in the cooler, whiter, cozier-inside North.:) Thank you for turning my heart another shade of golden this morning, my friend!