Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Invitation... put your creativity in motion today! What if we all did something creative today, do you think it would be a happier day throughout the world? Wanna play with me?
me, Brynne

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Wish (33)

'Sunshine' by Jong Soo (Peter) Lee via Flickr
Today I met a little girl. And even though her wings were tucked inside her sweater I saw the angel in her eyes. Didn’t matter that she was little. Didn’t matter that she was even tiny. She was elegant, as elegant as a deer treading lightly in the dark. I watched as her weight barely reached her feet, as her fingers swam gently thru the air, as her voice came out in swirls, intoxicating even those who thought their ears had hardened closed long ago. This little girl formed from a single puff of summer cloud, touched my heart. And I heard her story on the phone.

Lily’s parents are friends of friends and they live in Seattle. They dote. And dote. And dote. On their little girl. Why? Because she is different and different sometimes brings that out in us. Especially when it comes to our children. And especially when it comes to Lily, an angel in disguise. Or maybe she isn’t in much of a disguise after all.

Lily went to the hospital for many months. And often. She had test after test done to try to figure out why she wasn’t growing like other kids her age. Then one day, summer arrived.

So Lily grew.
And grew.
And grew.
And almost as much as her classmates had the entire year.

But before too long, the colder days begged to return en masse, and the sun had no choice but to hide its face, until one day, like a heavy cloak, winter had returned.

So Lily stopped growing.
Not another smidgen
Or even a fraction of a millimeter
For the entire winter.

*          *          *

"So what did they decide?" I asked into the phone from my Mexican sunshine home.
"Decide? They learned," my friend said back to me. "They learned that Lily's growing season is summertime and summertime alone."
"I'm making up the guest room now..."

*          *          *
My Wednesday Wish for You?

To answer these questions for yourself and to share those that want to be set free:

What nourishes you? 
What fans your embers and fuels your fires?
When is your growing season?
Are you blinking away the questions?
Or are you inviting them to visit your depths, to flicker their light in the darkest corners of your cave?
Can you honor your Self? More.
Can you feed your spirit’s hungers? More.
Can you be who you came to earth to be, not tomorrow or next week or when you lose that weight or get that job, but today? Today. 

*          *          *

Yes, you can see yourSelf. And yes, you can honor yourSelf. But you must begin. Both. Before you can truly grow. Into the beautiful blossom you were always meant to be.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Wish (32)

I believe in quiet. In the gifts that linger in silence.

Like the night sky that looks empty but is filled with stars and other goodies that I don’t know the names of yet.

And the possibilities, pregnant, of an empty canvas. Or a mixing bowl. Or a piano with its bench pulled out, inviting fingers and emotion and soul…

*          *          *

I believe in quiet. In the gifts that linger in silence.

Like a blank message from someone you’d love to hear from, blank with all the space in the world for anything you want it to be.

And a single breath, held deep inside your belly just before you decide to let it free…

*          *          *

I believe in quiet. In the gifts that linger in silence.

In the importance of alone time. Of sitting and staring at the ceiling time. Of moment upon moment with no rush. No requirement. No worry or fret. Just time. Alone. To listen to the sound of inner silence….

…that isn’t so silent after all, but filled with Self, with peace, and with gorgeous invitations to just be.

Night Sky Composite
Photo by wishvam, via flickr

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Wish (31)

An apple is a very different fruit with your ear against the ground. When the grass is moist with summertime dew, when your feet are bare and tickled, when the weighted tree invites your eyes and the sun invites them closed. When your body finds its niche and your heart slows its tune…the apple…falls. Onto the earth. You listen. And smile. You see. Anew.

The orchard has eight trees—six, in tidy little lines, with two oddball stragglers lingering along the edge. Like you, they are different and happy in their own little worlds…one a wild apple, the other a purple plum, and you, you smile with your eyes closed, your head against the ground.

You hear the bees visit with each other as they jolly hunt for nectar. You know when they're communing with a flower, for their hearts slow. They find their peace in connection. And you notice that when their hearts slow…yours does too.

You hear the thumping rise up from the earth like a bass within your soul. But you don’t open your eyes. No. You wait. It moves closer. You are not afraid. The sun warms your face, your heart softens your fears. It’s your orchard. You see it, as much as it sees you. And just as you breathe into that thought—the cow—he swooshes a bee with his tail. You hear both—the tail as it whips the air and the bee and he hurls through space. And then, the slow and sloppy chewing of a successful cow, his teeth more green and goopy than if you used your eyes.

But before you leave, your belly longs for more. Just one last treat. A ripe and juicy plum. But not chosen with your eyes. With another sense...

First, with your ears you hear the dancing of the leaves, the way the aged arms reach out and into the sun, the silent hum of life coursing like blood through its wooden, ailing veins. Then, with your nose you breathe in the smell of ripe, the delight of purple, the unexpected invitation to be plucked. And suddenly from within, like a gift from your soul and yet arriving from without, appears a smile...

photo courtesy of:

...from your heart.
So you know
that this moment,
this choice,
this plum,
is right and good and…
meant for you.

*          *          *
My Wednesday Wish for You?

Close your eyes to let your heart give you sight. To see with other senses creates a whole new world, one that has more depth, more meaning and more soul. Make decisions with your alternate senses this week and watch your world change. Then read The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philipp Sendker and watch your world change even more.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Following Dreams....

Where will your dreams take you this week? This is where Simon Dale's dream took him....

"following your dream keeps your spirit alive"

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Honoring Self

A little help in honoring your core, your center, your Self in the midst of all the busy of life.
with love,