Saturday, March 30, 2013

Resurrect yourSelf!

It doesn't need to make sense
to your Mind...
as long it makes sense
to your Heart.

Resurrect yourSelf 
and let your 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Wish (73); Color Your Colors

photo by spanky via flickr
It was just a simple piece of paper. White with clean edges. And she put one on each of our desks. A few asked what it was for. Me, I just looked at it. Was there invisible ink or a message hidden somewhere in the smooth white cream? I touched it, ran my fingers over its silky sheen. I couldn’t be sure.

She went to the front of the classroom, put the needle on the record and let the music begin.

“Now class, let the music find its way into your body. Imagine it as a wisp of smoke seeping into your skin. Feel it enter you like sunshine or a gust of cool wind. And when it's found its way, then let it swirl around inside. Let it touch that place behind your heart and above your belly. Let it bubble and twirl and sing its tune so that every place inside of you, feels it, tastes it, senses it with juicy flavor. And then…when you are ready, pick up your colors and let your fingers show you what your body feels. Let your fingers show you what you feel…”

I know I blinked. And stared. At my teacher and the white paper staring back at me, now big and empty. I wondered if I understood her correctly. What my body feels?

The wood chair.
The straps of my sandals.
And maybe I’m a little hungry. Lunch is almost here. Isn’t it?
But the music?
How it feels in my…body?

I looked around and saw my classmates already busy drawing. I was sure Tom was drawing a car. He loved cars. And Sally? She was probably drawing a horse. She never drew anything else. But me? Maybe a flower? Or a butterfly? Or a tree with a swing? I picked up a color…

…but then…

I saw some movement at the front of the class.

Her eyes were closed and her body was swaying. She moved with the music. And not just her head or her arms, but her entire body. Her shoulders went up and down in slow motion, her hips moved her in ways I had never seen before, and her face had turned gentle, soft, happy. She was almost floating. Her whole body had become a smile.

So I smiled, too. And that day, learned to feel. Not just music, but my body as I had never felt it before.

No flowers or butterflies or even a tree with a coveted swing,
But swirls and twirls and colors of emotion,
Spikes and dips and swashes of light.
And a little girl with a world full of feeling
Suddenly at her fingertips,
A blank canvas ready to be painted with the colors of her soul….

My Wish For You?

Much like Mrs. Werder taught me in third grade, life is a blank canvas, smooth and creamy, untouched and fertile, waiting for the color we choose to give it. My wish this week is that you let your feelings and emotions guide the color in your life, that you let your heart, your soul, your inside Self, show your brush the way. The head has a place. Yes, we all know it does. But not here. Not this week. This week it's best to tuck your mind in your pocket and to let it simply watch as your feelings color your world … beautiful. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wednesday Wish (72); Lighten Your Darkness

Peacock Eye
photo by diego camejo via flickr

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
 -- Rumi

He sat in his favorite office chair, the green leather one with the cushy folds, every part of him, cradled. His body was happy. His spirit soaked in coveted peace. And his eyes, they were closed, as if to let it all steep.

The phone on the table beeped. An email. Something good no doubt, it’s that kind of day. So he lifted his head and reached out to confirm. And before he could stop himself, he read it all.


Alas his body, his spirit, his energy, began to change.

She didn’t speak, she only shared her written words. On a glowing, computerized screen. But written words with a history behind them, a tone infused into them, an energy of their own rooted in something less than love, something forgetting love, something filled with pain. And meant for him. Thrown at him.

He was open. Wide open and raw. So he felt it, took it, like a blow to the gut. Soon it began to steam inside him, a pressure with no valve. His body turned tight, his fists into hard round balls. His eyes grew smaller, his face grew harder. He clenched his jaw and righted his shoulders back to where they belonged. He stopped being open. He stopped being raw. His armor was back into place and he was ready for battle.

But then
Something happened.

He saw himself. He watched himself. And he didn’t like what he was. So he took a deep breath, and decided

To transform the darkness
Into Light.

He went to the kitchen, brewed up some special coffee and poured it into two of his favorite mugs. The sun was barely up. Surely they didn’t have time to make it yet for themselves. So he would bring it to them. He felt a tear trickle down his cheek. He had broken something inside. A damn. A steel encasement. The armor around his heart.

The darkness will not win.
Not today.
Not inside me.
For I am love
And love,
Is me.

They thanked him. For the coffee. And yet another layer peeled off away. Their eyes smiled with Light. Light borne of darkness, transformed by a love-filled heart.

*          *          *

My Wish this week is that you will remember your power to transform darkness into Light. In any circumstance, at any moment. When our hearts are open, we receive wounds. But those wounds don’t have to hurt us if we can remember their gift of opening us to the Light. It is easy to feel good when everything is gentle and kind. But to find the Light in the darkness, to let our wounds open us even wider, is a choice, a gift we can give to ourselves. With a little practice and a deeper love for one’s Self, wounds are then merely opportunities .... to be the Light at our core.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wednesday Wish (71); See Afresh

If you run out of money,
photo by castaway0 via flickr
fill your wallet with memories.

*          *          *

If your bottom grows too big,
Flying trousers
photo by graham-mitchell via flickr
fill your pants with feathers.

*          *          *

If they don’t talk to you with love,
Jump for Joy
photo by scott ableman via flickr
be their moment of sunshine.

*          *          *

If he doesn’t understand,
Colors of Music
photo by himanshu khagta via flickr
sing to him in dancing colors.

*          *          *

If you are cold,
Sunshine tree
photo by ryan mcd via flickr
hug a warm tree.

*          *          *

If you’re not supposed to, 
Naughty smile
photo by virender singh chauhan via flickr
let it melt in your mouth so no one will see.

*          *          *

If your dreams are bigger than your neighbors,
Star Trails and Northern Lights
photo by bryan hansel via flickr
twirl at night with the stars.

*          *          *

If your garden doesn’t have flowers,
Sweet September
photo by suzanne pyle photography via flickr
weave them from your dreams.

*          *          *

If you aren’t living the story you’d most like to read,
Writer's Block
photo by phatpuppycreations via flickr
buy a new pen.

*          *          *

If you need more love, 
Love in the Sand
photo by leasqueaky via flickr
make some in the sand.