Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Wish (91); Touch

Hand sky
photo by doug88888 via flickr
She looked sad. So I touched her arm. She turned. To see me. Her eyes grew deeper, questioning. Could she share? Was she safe? I didn’t say a word, just weighted my fingers a little bit more, showed her I cared. And her eyes, they softened. She was safe. She could feel it. It was then her tears could finally fall.

And I had never met her before.

He was tight. Unreachable. Lost in his racing head. Words couldn’t pierce his armor. So I touched him. Just one finger. Of his. With one finger, of mine. And he shook. With a tiny shock. Like a shiver. Or an echo. From my body to his, then back again. We’re in this together, we seemed to say without words. When you hurt, I hurt, said my finger to his.

We remembered through touch.

When was the last time you touched, really touched, a stranger… gently, with care, with a kindness that they didn’t know they ached for.


*          *          *

No one is born with a bubble on. We are each born with millions of nerve endings. On our skin. And why?

To feel
Not just with our minds but with our skin.

To connect
Not just with words but with touch.

To remember, 
no matter our culture or religion or creed, that we are all in this together. 
And not just in theory, but in physical reality.

This week my Wish for you is to dare to touch. Not just those you love … a hug for your child, a kiss for your loved one, a pat on the back to your co-worker … but those you forgot you love, too. Touch a postal worker’s hand with gratefulness, a young mother’s arm with praise of her mothering skills, a cashier’s hand at the grocery store with compliments on his great humor, or an ex-spouse with forgiveness. Touch with authenticity, with heart, with caring from your most genuine Self. Touch as you yourself wish to be touched, as you yourself wish to be reminded, as you yourself already know, deep down, that no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we really are all in this together.

There is magic in connection, this week let it live in your finger tips.


  1. Touch as a symbol of unconditional love. Love for one Self that manifests as a desire to deeply " connect, remember, Feel". No matter the situation or person. It may not always feel " good ", but it does always "Feel".
    Touch is truly magic energy. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts.

    1. So true, Tim...'love for one's Self that manifests as a desire to deeply connect'. When we have that love, when we truly love ourSelves, we live as if we are indeed all in this together. Touch is just one of the ways to feel and remember that truth.

      Thank you, dear soul, for inspiring me, warming me, connecting with me this morning:)