Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday Wish (46)

There’s a dancing in the trees. Did you notice it today when you went outside? Even in the grocery store parking lot and on the highway where everybody’s in a rush, aching to be somewhere other than where they are….the dancing…its there, too. I feel it. Do you?

It’s something like a little itch inside and when you shine light on it, it starts to shimmy. Just a little bit. But still, it’s there. It’s fresh and alive…and it feels new. Like a baby worm inching it’s way along on a cold, windy day. It’s unsure of itself. Until you start to listen, until you start to turn the sunshine on. And then…it begins to feel heard, seen, invited to be what it was always meant to be. This baby worm, its really a butterfly in disguise and the dancing in the trees…is really your heart finding its wings, soaring in the way it was meant to---free and alive and hopeful. Not na├»ve, but filled with belief in the goodness of life. Not afraid, but trusting in the beauty that is meant for you. Not hesitant, but sure, sure of the You in you, in the magic in you, in the love that you are in your core.

So this week…I invite you to feel the dancing in the trees and in your Self, to find that lightness, that hope, and dwell there. Put your mind in the back seat and give your dancing heart the reins. Ok? Here, let me give you a taste of how that feels. From my dancing heart to yours…no matter where you are in the world...a joy that is always available to you, a joy that wants to get up and dance:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish (45)

It was a dreary kind of day. Heads hung low, spirits sagged, even the trees seemed to droop, their branches heavy under the weight of it all. Little girl and I, we sat in the car waiting for Papi to return. He wouldn’t be long. And we didn’t mind. We had time. And when there is time, imagination gets to play.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a small jar of liquid. Pink liquid. With a little wand tucked inside. I showed it to little girl.

            “Yay!” She clapped. “Bubbles!”
            Of course I yay’d and clapped, too. They were bubbles, after all. And in a heavy-feeling parking lot on a dreary kind of day.

Photo courtesy of hannahduffyphotography via Flickr
At first there were just a few but I kept dipping and blowing and dipping and blowing and soon, the parking lot started to dance with bubbles. An old man with a sour frown looked up, and wondered into the sky. A child dropped his mother’s hand and leaped to catch one. The mother laughed. The sister and a stranger in a car, they laughed, too. The worker who collected shopping carts stopped to watch. A dog began to bark. And a man dressed in a suit grew a fresh smile. Eyes tried to follow their origin. Spirits grew curiosity. And was it just me? Or was the air softening just a little bit? Was the day just a little less dreary and a little more magic? Yes, I am sure it was. And not just in our little car as we waited for Papi and let our imaginations play. Everywhere around us, too.

*          *          *

How would your world change if right now
you started blowing bubbles?

*          *          *

In a grocery store…on an airplane…in traffic…at the dentist’s office…at the mechanic’s…in a law firm…at the post office…in a restaurant…in a department store…beside a train…over a lake…on a beach…off a balcony…into a garden…in your cubicle…in your bath…at a red light…in a staff meeting…going through customs…in a coffee shop...when you’re on hold…

Let bubbles soften your day 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wednesday Wish (44)*

She came to me through the darkness and the shadow, thru the echoes and the pain. I felt everything as if it were my own. And then… it was my own.

I sat in my car waiting for the ferry to take me to my island home. My daughter slept in the back seat. City lights shined on the harbor. Night had snuck in. I took a deep breath…and there she was.

She spoke to me as a feeling. Her essence clearer than most voices I hear every day. I could do nothing but weep. Crumble from the inside out. It was she.

            “Why me?” I asked. “Be with those who need you most….but not me.”
            “I’m with them, too. Always. There is no separation where I am.”
            I nodded. I understood. Somehow, I understood.
            “Why…why did you have to die?” I cried. “You were so loved, you are so missed. Hearts are broken.”
            “I was the only one who could show them, awaken them to their souls.”
            I was quiet, listening through my silent tears.
            “It was only me,” she said, “anyone else, the effect would have been entirely different. That day, that time, that place…it had to be then. It had to be me.”
            “Why? I don’t understand.” I pleaded.
            “For love.”
            “For love?”
            She was laughing. She was happy. I was hearing her and getting it. Getting it enough to share it with the souls that needed to hear it the most. “For love,” she said again, thru her smiles.
            “Tell them,” she told me, “tell them I died for love, love of their souls. It’s not about the rest. Not any of it. Tell them I am with them. Tell them to believe in deeper things, to sense deeper things, that when they do, they will find me there. I have never left. I could just do more for them from here. Tell them, Brynne, please tell them. Tell them to open their eyes, the eyes of their hearts, to see love in everything. To drop the cynicism and disbelief in 'hocus pocus'. I am not gone. I am not human anymore, but I never really was. None of us are. We’re energy, we’re souls. Tell them to awaken to the things I now know for certain. I have gone first to soften their lives in the now. But they have to let me. They have to hear what I am trying to say. Will you tell them again, Brynne, tell them what I have been trying to tell them all along?”
            “I will. I think they hear you already, but now, they will hear you even clearer. You are not gone, you are right here. And love is all there is...."

*          *          *

Death. We are all headed there. But this week, my wish is that you begin to see death without its usual dark mask. While bodies may hurt and falter and even disintegrate into the earth, the We in we will never die. Because we aren’t our bodies. We are energy, we are our souls. So this week, I challenge you to begin being more of the You in you. Not for long. Maybe even just a few minutes at a time. But try to just be. Be with yourSelf, your beautiful Self. See that you are love in your core. Feel the warmth that you emanate from that core. And know that those around you are but love, too. Whether here or there, we are all soul, we are all love, we are all energies that will never die. Make that truth your own.

*          *          *

Theirs was a soul family. But they didn’t yet know it. Oh yes, they felt it, but their minds, their minds blocked the depth of their paths. All except one. One who would sacrifice herself for her beloved friends. So finally, they would see…

*In honor of Lisa Mills