Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Wish (82); Blow Bubbles

Whatever it is,
it’s not as important
or as heavy
as it seems.
It just wants you
to think that,
so you won’t remember
to set it free,
so you won’t remember
to replace it with
and a day, week, life 
of childlike

My current favorite place to blow bubbles is on an airplane. What about you? Where is your current favorite place? What about in an important meeting? Or in a fancy office building? Or in an elevator? Where do you wish you had the nerve to blow bubbles and where might your joy feel the grandest if you did? 

I dare you this week,
to honor your childlike spirit. 
We all have it. 
It's just the few who honor it, 
that enjoy life for the rest of us.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Wish (81); Discover Your Home

Long Long Road B&W
photo by sh33na via flickr

On the back of a breeze
With a flutter to your wind chimes,
Was me
Whispering to you
Tickling you with joys
as I travelled across country…
with my beautiful daughter
and you,
always you,
in my heart….

Did you smile when we drove through Wallace, Idaho? Did you like how the evergreens hugged the houses, cradling them like little boxy treasures? Did they know they were loving the people huts? Or were they just being trees?

And what about Sundance, Wyoming? Did you smile like I did when I pointed it out to you? Didn’t you love how the rolling green hills begged us to run as fast as we could until we were out of breath, giving us no choice but to fall into a messy silly goose pile of laughter? And oops, did I open the windows too much? Or was the wild wind in your eyes a yes? A YAY yes? I thought so. And little girl…she made us laugh with her giggles, her hair a whirlwind mess. Just like always. Ok, maybe a little more. In Sundance.

Those long stretches through South Dakota and Minnesota … you were such a good listener. Forgive me…I couldn’t help myself. As little girl slept, the movie just wouldn’t stop playing. So I shared it with you. Like a lullaby, the lyrics spilled from me. My second novel. A book of gifts. Of the gifts we are all born with and often forget to discover. Did you, maybe a little, feel some new fluffs of discovery tickle you inside? Did a thought-beam suddenly light up a forgotten unexpected dream? Ooo…I dream you’re nodding. Again. With a deep smile upon your face. Yes, yes, I do.

And when we drove through Pennsylvania did your legs hurt, too? Why was that? Is it like they said, that some of us sense the pains of the land? Or was it something silly? Like the grease from the french fries not belonging in our bellies. Even so, with achy legs, we still smiled at the trees. They weren’t cradling people huts like the trees in Idaho or Montana, but they did wave hellos. And they seemed happy to see us passing through. Didn’t you think?

And wasn’t New York lush, rich, filled with more green than you ever imagined? Did your belly do loop-de-loops like mine did when we rode those hills? Good thing we didn’t eat french fries that day. Phew. Twice.

We talked about the kindness we met in every State. The eyes and the smiles. The friendly waves and the speedometer differences. The warmth and the gentleness. We spoke of the personalities of the landscapes and how the country seemed to move from Light to Rich. From Bright to Deep.  Yes, as we travelled from West to East, we watched and felt. And smiled. Over and again. At the beauty of life. When we just decide to see it. To discover and expand...into it.

So here we are, days and days later…in rural Maine. Are you barefoot too? Do you feel the grass carpet under your feet? Do you hear it tell you how happy it is that you are Home? And do you hear the birdies twitter their happies too, the happy freedoms that are borne of wings? Do they remind you of your own wings, the tufts of fluff you try to keep hidden beneath your skin? They do me. And you are right here beside me. Still. In case you forgot.

I know because I feel you near…
I do.
You see,
the scent of your smile
is still

*          *         *

Taste new.
Journey in.
Journey out.
Expand…. yourSelf.
Ride an adventure into the wind….
And discover more of what living is really all about.
Discover your Home.