Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy is a Way of Seeing

Next time you feel sad
You only need to look around
to see all the reasons
to let Happy outshine sad . . .

If John Denver can let sunshine on his shoulders make him happy
You can let that same sunshine at least bring you a smile.
So why not start there?
Because of sunshine.

Then …
Let that Light in just a little bit more.
Watch it warm you as it goes down
Into that deeper part of you
Where your truth lives, where your You lives.
Then ignite the Brave
BE who you are.

Remember how beautiful you are
Not because you fit in
But because you are different.
Remember that no matter where you are or who you are with
You can always choose to dance,
To laugh,
To be Happy.

Then remind yourself that Happy is a way of seeing
And every way of seeing can be made a Habit.
So clap along with yourself
Back to Happy.
Because it is always there
Always inviting you
To see the brighter side
To touch the world with your beautiful, brighter Self.

Happy December to you, my Friends!
Thank you for making my life Happy!
Today I dance with you wherever you are in the world!
Today I focus on and share my way of seeing . . . Happy!