Monday, February 1, 2010

lucky or unlucky?

Sitting at my computer working on my novel when I feel a drip, drip, drip on my head. I think my imagination is really getting good. Oh... is it raining in my book because it certainly isnt raining here. I touch my head. Wow. Its wet! I look up. Its too dark to see anything. I start to panic. Maybe I'm losing it. I rub my fingers together to be sure they are still wet, that I didn't dream it all up. fingers are still wet! I get my new flashlight. Click and scan skyward. I can't see anything and then....I see it. A GECKO!!!!

I decide to call Mom. "Hi Mom. Sorry to call so late but I had to tell someone."
"What Honey, what's wrong?"
"A gecko just peed on my head!!"
And then...."I hate to tell you this, Brynne, but gecko's don't just pee."

Ahh....the presence of magic.

Caroline Myss on The Mystical Experience