Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday Wish (20)

The cold has come earlier this year to my sweet little Mexican town. And after our seemingly thousand degree summer, the low sixties does nothing less than chill me to the bone. My thin nightgown, the same one that seemed like wool in the summertime is suddenly as useless as a single layer of Kleenex. My toes are little ice cubes. And forget my nighttime shower ritual. I need all the heat I can get. Maybe that’s why I got out the comforter tonight. OoOo…can’t wait. Silly girl, you say. But its not just because I like to be warm. Oh, no. It’s much, much more than that. (Here, come closer, let me whisper the truth into your ear.) You see, with comforters come cold faces and toasty warm bodies, one of the juiciest ways to dream. And with December so near, I’m afraid it’s inevitable. For me, anyway. Dreaming in December always seems to take me to the same magical, dreamy-eyed place. A place I look forward to each and every year. Can you guess? Yep, it's Christmas. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Like I said, OoOo….can’t wait.

*          *          *

“Have you ever seen Santa Claus,” I asked my mom in the parking lot as we walked into Safeway, hand in hand. “I mean, the real one?” It was dark. I could already see the moon. But in Washington State that just meant after five o’clock.
            “I don’t think so. Maybe once when I was a very little girl, but I was never very sure. There wasn’t anyone around to confirm it.” She shrugged, playing along like she always did, careful to side step my delicately tended imagination, the garden of my youth. And especially near Christmas time.
            Just then I looked up into the sky and right there in front of the twinkling stars, I saw something moving. “Mom! Look! It’s Santa! There's Santa!” A family friend who was walking with us dared to roll his eyes, to chuckle to my mother as if I wouldn’t notice. My mother squeezed my hand. I had noticed and she knew it.
            “Where, honey? Show me!” Her eyes eager, caring, trying as best she could to water my imagination.
            But it was too late. Santa was gone. Or rather, the wonder-filled bubble I was blowing was popped. Popped by a man who didn’t know the gift my mother was giving me. Popped by a man who didn’t remember the magic of a child’s imagination. Popped by a man who’s life never knew enchantment as an adult and sadly, never would.

*          *          *
My Wednesday Wish for You?

To check in with yourSelf this first week of December and, if need be, readjust your attitude toward Christmas. It may be one of the coldest times of the year but perhaps like me, your dreams will start to come alive. It may be a time when you feel overwhelmed or even depressed by all the shopping and buying and superficial yearnings that empty your pockets dry, among other things, no doubt. But perhaps, like the disenchanted man of my childhood, maybe you too, have forgotten what Christmas is really all about. Maybe you accidentally forgot the most important stuff. But don't worry. We all have at some point in our lives. You’re human, after all. And anyway, they’re never far away. None of the best things are. They always live inside of us, waiting for their turn to be reached for and cherished again. So how? How do you get back to not just seeing but feeling the magic of the season with childlike wonder again? It's simple. You give. You give of yourSelf, your talents, your love, your heart. That, is my wish for you as we begin to move closer to the holidays...to remember the magic of Christmas.
(bonus video below)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wednesday Wish (19)

Its Thanksgiving in the United States, a time for Americans, world over, to reflect on their lives and what they are thankful for. Me, my list is long, much too long to share in a blog post. But there is one. One on my list that I must share. One that means an awful lot to me. And it is...you. I am thankful for you. You read my heart, you give me a chance to speak to your own, and sometimes you even touch my soul. So today, for Thanksgiving, I thank you. I thank you from my heart for walking this part of my journey with me. Its been an honor and a pleasure and a heck of a lot of fun:)

*          *          *
My Wednesday Wish for You?

First, to listen to this song and to let it affect you, to let it speak to you in the way you need to be spoken to. And to remember that even though Heather Headley is singing, it is my wish for you...

And second, to let yourself be more affected this week. To open yourself up for more to enter in. Maybe you will cry when you need to and not pretend it doesn't hurt. Maybe you will hug someone when the urge strikes instead of letting it go for another time. Maybe you will laugh, laugh, laugh and much louder than anyone else. Yes, the emotion. Let it all in. And let it all out. Be affected this week in ways you haven't allowed yourself before. Feel for the homeless man who holds a sign for food. Shiver for the school children as they wait for the morning bus. Find tender thoughts for the lost dog wandering along the road. Or the forest tree loaded with ice and snow, caving under the weight of it all. And then, with open eyes, watch how a simple act of being more affected by your surroundings can change not just how you see, but what you see.

You know, a long time ago I allowed myself to be affected by you and because of that simple choice, I see and feel more magic now than I ever have before. And that is good, very very good. Thank you, from my heart.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Wish (18) BONUS WEEK!

Have you ever seen one of these? This one is in the parking lot at the Puerto Vallarta Costco. But it’s not just at the PV Costco, symbols like the one above are painted in parking lots across the country. And not just in Mexico, either. All over the United States, too. Home Depot, Office Max, Target, all the big stores seem to have at least one somewhere in their parking lot. So why? What does it mean or what purpose does it serve?

Over the years I have asked everyone I could think of: employees, managers, other shoppers, even my father who knows the answers to questions I haven’t even asked yet. And not a one had any idea what it was. Most people had never even noticed it until I pointed it out to them. So one day, a few years ago, I made a decision. Once and for all I would decide what it was. Yep, me. All by myself.

It is, for all intents and purposes (are you ready for this?) an alien pick up point. That’s right. You don’t have to believe in aliens or even want to imagine them but it remains a new and little known fact. It is an alien pick up point. That means that unless you want to be beamed up to some unknown space ship and whisked away for some unknown amount of time, do not, under any circumstance, risk walking and/or driving over any pick up point. Ever. The consequences could prove fatal. And not just for you, but for those you love, as well.

A word of warning: some may not take the gravity of the pick up point seriously enough and may try to tease you about it. I made the mistake of telling my beloved about my concerns, and this week, when he went to town on his own, he took matters into his own hands. Unbeknownst to me, he made a special trip to Costco and amid stares from various shoppers was still able to find the nerve to stand right you know where. In the CENTER of the alien pick up point! Even worse, along with my favorite goat cheese, he brought me two horrible presents. This: 

And this:

 *          *          *

My Wednesday Wish for You?

Put a little silly into your week—in a parking lot, in a restaurant, hmmm-- even in your dishwasher or with a rubber band or two. Make yourself laugh. Make someone else laugh. Find a way to make your every day, a silly day. For sillies make smiles. And smiles open hearts. And open hearts make life a heck of a lot more fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wednesday Wish (17)

“I don’t understand, Brynne. How do you know that about me?”
            She wasn’t upset or disturbed, but intrigued. And smiling.
            “Wait. My accent?”
            “Partly? What else?”
            I looked into her eyes, her transparent eyes. I listened to her heart, maybe even her soul, her very essence aching to be seen, or so it felt.
“Your heart. It is open,” I said.
            Her face broke out into an enormous smile, the kind that comes from your belly and rises up like an unstoppable wave. “What a beautiful compliment. Yes, it is. You’re right.”
            I smiled and waved as I walked away. No more words could make the situation any more magical for either of us. I could see. She was seen. We had connected.

*          *          *

Most of us see with our eyes, listen with our ears and taste with our tongues. When someone is talking it is considered customary to listen to their words and to respond to what they say with our own. It’s the polite thing to do. In fact, anything different is usually thought of as either rude or weird. But what if we bucked the system? What if we dared to listen with our hearts instead of just our ears? What if dared to respond with our souls? What if we tasted the emotion of a moment instead of just the same old same old flavor of our daily meals? How then might our world be?


*          *          *

My Wednesday Wish for You?

This week I wish that each of you might challenge yourself to listen with your heart to the voices of the hearts that surround you. Word, shmurds—listen for what the speaker’s heart is really saying. Do they need to be seen for who they really are? Do they want to feel less alone? Might they benefit from a little silly in their day or a touch to their skin? Open your own heart and it will hear. Let your soul, the deepest part of yourSelf, show you the way. You might even intuit things you didn’t expect, things you couldn’t possibly know with your mind alone. Offer what you see but know that sometimes, your observations might not be appreciated. Sometimes, you might be thought of as rude or weird. But know this: An accusatory “How did you know that?” comes from a closed heart. And there is nothing that liberates a closed heart more than another open one who ‘sees’. So go for it! See with your heart, care with your soul, and let what you see open up an entire new world…not just for you, but for everyone around you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healing Vibes to Wholeness

As I sit here still recovering from the flu, I wonder if some of you, too, are struggling with wholeness in your life. Maybe this video will speak to you as it has to me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday Wish (16)....in partial:(

A Note To Brynne's Faithful Readers:

Miss Brynne has a particularly ugly flu bug this week, and as much as she is trying to get herself to write your Wednesday Wish tonight, I, Miss Bubble Gum, am here to inform you that I do not, in fact, expect my sick friend to succeed.

I, Miss Bubble Gum, offered to give you a partial on the Wish for this week, and thankfully, Brynne agreed. You see, she has the whole wish all mapped out in her heart, just hasn't been able to sit at the computer long enough to write it all down in little black and white letters. It makes her head hurt too much and since the whole family is sick too, there isn't anyone else but me to assist.

So...your Wednesday Wish (due to be filled out in its entirety later this week), is to go to the store and buy some old fashioned Bubble Gum. Not Trident or Juicy Fruit or any of those skinny, measly little things but the sugar laced, fat chunks of pink that kids love the absolute most. And for a good reason, I might add...we taste good and make giggle monsters out of even the angriest of faces. So, get your Bubble Gum, put in at least one whole pack (no mistake...the entire pack) and let your teeth go! Then, when it's good and sloppy and you feel the sugar starting to work its magic, blow Bubbles like you used to when you were a sugar-happy kid! Blow them BIIIIG and make a mess on your face. Blow them HUUUUGE and make your neighbor wonder about your sanity. Blow them over and over again, and watch your day be touched by a simple pack of yes, Bubble Gum.

One last note: There is a story behind this. Please come back soon to read it. Brynne would be sad if I took all her weekly fun away. She does so love to share her Wish with you every week and can't wait to tell you the rest of her Bubble Gum story.

Happy Bubbling!

Miss Bubble Gum

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wednesday Wish (15)

“Why do you always walk that way when this way is faster?”
My neighbor and friend looked at me through her glasses, blinking, utterly confused. We were on our way to class at the University of Washington and as usual, it was raining and cold.
I shrugged. “I like this way better. It makes me smile.”
Her eyes spun a ‘woa, she’s weirder than I thought’ before she turned to follow me. A few minutes later, “Has anything made you smile? Just want to be sure I’m not missing something.”
“Almost there," I said.
 I was sure I heard her moan but I chose to ignore it. It wouldn’t be long. She would understand soon. Very soon. Or so I hoped.

The window to the barbershop was large. Maybe as large as entire car. I had walked this way for weeks now and every chance I got, I passed by their window. At first, I just turned and gave the two men inside a shy smile but after about a week, when they began to return my joy, it grew into a full-fledged smile, the kind that warms you from the inside out. They looked like they had found the same joy themselves. I saw it day after day in their sparkling eyes and of course, their smiles. So on this particular day, I was passing by with a friend. It was something I hadn’t done before. I could hardly wait.

I stopped and tapped on the glass with my knuckles. My friend stood beside me, not saying a word. First one barber, then the other, turned toward the window to see who was there and not a second later both of their faces erupted into sparkles. I waved my mittened hands, my heart warmed by our connection. I didn’t even know their names, but I knew their hearts and they were filled with kindness.
            “Are they friend’s of your dad?”
            “Your grandpa’s?”
            “Then how’d you meet them?
“I didn’t.”
            “You mean, you don’t know them? I don’t get it. You just waved and they waved back like you were old friends.”
            “I’ve never spoken with them. I just see them everyday on my way to class, and we share smiles.”
            “You smile at strangers?”
            “They aren’t strangers anymore. Not after the first smile. And that was weeks ago.”
            I think that’s when I felt the second, ‘woa, she really is weirder than I thought.’ But I didn’t mind. My heart was on fire and that was all that really mattered to me.

 *          *          *
 My Wednesday Wish for You?

To connect with a stranger this week. And not on the internet or on the phone (although such connections are fun, too!) but the old-fashioned way—in person. Smile with your genuine eyes, let someone you don’t know feel the kindness in your heart. And don’t worry if they don’t take it the right way. We can’t control what others think. Just worry about getting yourself right. Center yourself in your heart, in that place that cares about others and wants the world to be a better, more friendly place. Feel that. Be there. And then, with that intent, give it away. As a smile. To a stranger. And watch your world grow smaller, kinder, and more caring…with every smile you share.

*          *          * 
p.s. the barbershop guys of my college years became my dear friends. We shared family joys and sorrows, celebrated birthdays, exchanged Christmas presents, and many years later, I even invited them to my wedding. The way I see it, if we dare to open our hearts, we give strangers the chance to affect our worlds for the better. Guy and Rick did mine—two beautiful people I will have with me in my heart for the rest of my life. If you are out there Guy and Rick, I'm still waving!:)