Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday Wish (6)

Do you drive the same way to work every day?
Do you zone out as you plan your schedule, 
the traffic lulling you into the deepest crevices of your mind?
Do you replay the events of your morning,
imagine new ones for your afternoon, 
then quiver right down to your core when you remember something 
you were supposed to do?
Does your body give you messages?
Like the neck ache,
Like the back ache,
Like the belly ache that just wont go away 
no matter what you cut out of your diet.
Don’t think about it, says your mind.
I’m tired, says your heart.
Suck it up and drive on, says your friend. Its called life.

But it isn’t life.
Not unless you insist it to be so.

*         *          *
My Wednesday Wish for you?
Drive a new way to work...
See with fresh eyes.
Look for magic. 
Look for beauty.
Look for the gifts that exist for you,
just you,
to see.
A lone weed defying odds
 from a crack
in the sidewalk.
A woman rocking out
in her car
 with a happy smile
 upon her face.
Words on the side of a truck…
meant for you, 
an answer to what you were wondering about.
Expect a new day, 
a day unlike any other, 
a day with beauty 
waiting for you,
 waiting to make you smile. 
...then watch your Wednesday turn into what you believed it could be


  1. Beautiful Brynne!

    We all have a choice on how we respond to our environment and the wonderful world around us. You completely nailed it.

    Big smiles!


  2. "We all have a choice on how we respond to our environment and the wonderful world around us."
    Thank you, John! YOU nailed it, my friend. And thanks for the big smile. You gave me one, too and its not even lunchtime!:)

  3. Dear Brynne - thank you for reminding me what is what and what isn't. You do that soooooooooo well. :)

  4. You are soooOo very kind, your heart so love-filled, dear Jo! Thank you for sharing YOU with me/us!

  5. Brynne, your Wednesday Wish is just perfect! I need to see with fresh eyes… look for magic and beauty…and the gifts meant solely for me. And today I did see magic, when I came here. I saw such beautiful images that I don’t want to leave.

    Because you are no amateur. You know the art of weaving words together and casting spells to inspire. Works like a charm, coming to your writing house.

    On my way now to tweet your wish and share the magic.

  6. This is lovely and peaceful, the way the words flow. Loved reading, and look forward to connecting some. I'm in romance (2) category in the write campaign.

  7. Debra, Debra...and after your comment on your blog...I am swirling with smiles. Now can you please visit me as I dream? I want to take you to a few more special places. I will be sitting on the biggest puff of cloud with a sparkler in one hand, a cupcake in the other and I'l probably be singing. Yep, singing.

    Ohh...and please share your twitter address! I dont know how to find you!

  8. Thank you, Allie! Happy you came by for a visit and liked it enough to join! Hooray! I love your name, by the way. Its lovely.

  9. Oh, that last line was nice...great thoughts today. Stopping by from the campaign to say hello. :D
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  10. Nice to have you pop by, Raquel...:)

  11. What a beautiful sentiment! I'm a campaigner, and just stopping by to check out your blog. Consider me a new follower!

  12. Thanks for stopping by Julie! And for liking it enough to stick around for a bit:) Eager to check out your blog, too! Happy writing!

  13. The woman rocking out in her car wanted to stop by and say hello from the literary group and to thank you Brynne for the twitter follow;)

  14. LOVE it, Christy! Thanks for the magic musical hello!!! Come back soon!

  15. Hi Brynne, How wonderful to meet you through the campaign. I love the spirit of this peace. (I meant to type "piece," of course, but that's one of those typos that just needs to be left alone!) I'm already a believer, but it's good to have reminders that the magic is everywhere, and we can find/see it if we simply open up to the possibilities.

  16. Now you got me smiling, Katie...big and happy. Sooo wonderful to meet you, toO! Another magic girl right here in my blog's very own black yard!:)

  17. I'm on vacation right now, but I can't wait to get home and put this into action. Wednesday is the girls' first day of school, so I'll do it the new way!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I added a button on the left side so that you can get my blog via RSS feed, or, via blogger, you can go into your settings and "follow" my blog by adding my url.

  18. Got it, Kario! Thank you. There is a richness about you and your writing/your blog that I savour. I wish you lived closer. I want you for a near and dear friend. Thanks for visiting. And for sharing yourSelf with your readers--what a lovely pleasure.

  19. Hi, Brynne! I'm sorry I've been away so long. Life has been crazy lately. Your post is the breath of fresh air I've been needing. Thank you, my friend :)

  20. Of COURSE its been crazy, dear Sam! But magical too, I am sure!:) I've missed you too...and was soOo happy to see you here when I got up this morning! Thanks for the heart smiles, sweet friend!

  21. Brynne, how utterly lovely! I can't imagine a better way to appreaciate the beauty around us than to open our eyes and really see, not just look, but see. When I was working full time, rarely did I have time to stop and take in the details of nature; the beauty of Earth. Now that I'm at home, life goes by at an unhurried pace and I'm able to smell, look, touch, taste, wonder. Thank you for the reminder. Your writing is simply magical!

  22. Dear Bella....soOo glad you have more time for yourSelf! Work is overrated, don't you think:) Happy you had fun with this one. See you over at your happy blog soon! yay!