Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Wish (5)

The scent of her emotion wafted in on the back of a breeze. It was citrus-sour soft, cream cheese with a squeeze of lime.

When he came to see me I saw green before his body turned the corner, his energy preceding him like a reverse trail of crumbs.

She dreamt along side him that night, their visit to the dreamtime realms interwoven into a rich and mystic braid.

*          *          *

Have you ever asked yourself to breathe in the scent of another’s emotion?
To see your neighbor’s aura?
Or to sail alongside a lover’s dream?

When did we stop believing in the power of our senses, relegating them to the five stop points, not letting them stretch their wings?

I heard not long ago that the food pyramid is being revamped. Maybe its due time we upgraded our idea of  what our senses can actually perceive.

My Wednesday Wish for you?

To unleash your senses. 
To stop limiting what you think is possible and start sensing what your heart knows is real. 

Taste a feeling.
 Hear a heart. 
See a spirit. 
And watch the magic of your world unfold. 


  1. Brynne, thank you for this wish.
    I gladly embrace and now more than ever crave to taste the scent of another’s emotion.
    Your poetic words inspire me!

  2. And *you* inspire me, dear Debra! Thank you!!

    The first time I noticed the scent of someone else's emotion, I didn't notice it. I just breathed in the scent and thought it odd to smell such a thing since it was completely out of context. So I sat and day dreamed (that always helps to make the foggy clear) and then it dawned on me. Maybe we have always been smelling emotions, Debra, but we just didn't know to sense them as what they were....??? I think inviting such things to happen opens the right doors...and heart-smiles work as grease to move the toughest wheels:)

    Thanks for being here, Debra. I smile when I see you *every* time.

  3. Today, after reading this post I contemplated your words for the longest time…
    Because I found your message enlivening and ever so imaginative. I get the feeling that you are one of a kind :)

  4. This is terrific. I want to taste an emotion...feel it flop around on my tongue until it withers...and then I shall toss it back out into the world to see who else needs a taste.

  5. Debra...arent we all one of a kind:) I know *you* are!! Thanks for brightening my night with your sparkling spirit! Wish you were closer. I think we have a lot to talk about!

  6. Annie...glad you had fun with this post! Its nice to have you here...I will be over visiting you soon, too!

  7. Here's an example of smelling an emotion...and especially for you, Debra:)

    One day I was somewhere I cant exactly remember but suddenly I blurted out to my partner that it smelled like the inside of an airport. 'An airport?' he said with a bit of a laugh. I didn't understand it either, nor could I explain what the inside of an airport smelled like, but I knew what I was smelling *did* smell like an airport. So I sat with it for a little while and realized....I was near quite a few people who wanted to be somewhere else. As in, they weren't content with where they were-- the same emotion that resides in people at airports. So, now I know that when I breathe in 'airport' someone around me isn't where they want to be.

    Makes life a lot more fun..and magic, no?

  8. This video is SO captivating. Perhaps we limit ourselves because the world of unlimmited senses is so extra ordinarily beautiful that flying, we fear we may forget to land again. Yet a bird MUST land.

    Your words, like this video hold me spell bound. Let me try my wings, it would be nice to smell again.

  9. OoOo Sara...I LOVE what you wrote!!!

    "Perhaps we limit ourselves because the world of unlimited senses is so extra-ordinarily beautiful that flying, we fear we may forget to land again." Utterly BEAUTIFUL! I will meet you in the clouds when you trust those wings of yours again. And then...where shall we fly yes, first??:)