Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Wish (4)

When you work all day and fall into bed and someone asks you how you feel or what you want or what you are doing with your life…do you have an answer? What does your deeper Self say?
This one helped me trust that beauty
awaited me on my path.

If you are like many, you have no idea. You’re just trying to get through your day, to feed the family, to do a good job, to do your part. Who me? You answer. I don't know. I’m tired. I don’t have time to think about those things right now.

But you do. And like a bright light in a dark place, you will feel better when you see yourSelf more clearly. I know because I've been there. So here, give me your hand. Let me walk with you a little bit further on your path of Self. It wont take long and funniest might even make you smile.


1.  Go to a store that sells a lot of magazines. Grocery stores are fine but magazine stores are even better.
2.  As you enter, see what section interests you. Don’t just head to the area you usually like or the kinds of magazines you always get. Look around first. Let yourself unwind. Try to see with your heart's eyes, not your brain’s eyes.
3.  Buy three or four magazines that speak to your heart. Make sure they make you smile.
4.  Go home and sift through the pages with a pair of scissors, cutting out anything that makes you happy. Anything. Even a word or phrase.
5. Now find a big piece of paper and glue all the things that make you smile onto one place.
6.  Step back and see….where you are right now, what makes you smile….from a distance. Observe yourSelf as if you are someone else. Find compassion and love for where you are, for what makes you smile. 

Our hearts speak to us in different ways and sometimes louder than we think. When we get creative, a lot of times our heart's messages will emerge unfettered, without the brain getting in the way, and will tell us things we didn't know about ourselves, things our heart knew all along would make us happier. My Wednesday Wish for you? That you make time this week to discover some more of the magic in yourSelf because there's a lot more in each of us than most of us realize.
    This one helped me discover that
    I needed to live by the sea, to have a garden
     and to buy a run down I did!

    with love,
    me, Brynne


    1. What a lovely post! Actually, I love doing collages. I hadn't done one in a long, long time. Thanks for reminding me of this!

    2. They are fun, Muriel, aren't they?! Things take shape faster than if we were holding a paint brush. And they don't have to look like anything, either. They can just be a collage of things that give us smiles!

    3. Such a great post Brynne. Now you don't need to accept, or do anything I guess, if you don't want to, but I have included you in my Seven Links Award.
      I actually enjoyed doing this one - especially including blogs I love.

    4. Thank you soOo much, Jo!! What an honor! Its ALWAYS a pleasure to visit your blog, you know. Your enthusiasm for life and all its treats is completely contagious and a JOY to read. Thanks again...honored.:)

    5. Brynne, I think when you look at 'yourSelf' in the mirror you must see a lovely generous soul. Because that's how you come across to me whenever I pass through. As for your little exercise, I would love to do it one day when my babies are older. But at this stage in my life, any collage I could make would have my twins plastered all over it. ;-)

      PS: So with you on the house and garden, though I'm more for a tree-change than a sea-change.

    6. dear, dear Linny...thank you for your kind and heartfelt words. They mean a lot to me.:) As far as the babies, I know what you mean. I only have one and dont dare do anything of the sort unless she is sound asleep and even then, I swear she will hear my scissors and leap out of bed to cut and paste right along side me!
      Tree change, huh? Do tell!! What trees do you long to see outside your window? Will there be new birds, too? Or just new branches?
      I love having you here, Linny. Thank you for being my lovely friend:)

    7. I think this is great idea. I like the concept of visualizing my ideas.. a thought = a picture.. A great way to story board a story. Lovely and inspiring..

    8. Thats a nice way to put it, Brenda...a thought=a picture. Visible transformation? Sensory manifestation? Paper metamorphosis?? And we mustn't forget Fun:)

    9. Brynne, you've done it again! Another amazing and beautiful post! I love this idea to channel creativity! I think I mentioned to you that I'm currently working on a vision board for the house in Tuscany I hope to one day have, so imagine how much this post made me smile! I'm a hard core fan of visualization. I do it all the time and it helps me see a better me all the time! :)

    10. And yes, you..have done it again to me, made me smile! Thanks, Bella, for being such a bright light in my days!:)

    11. My mom suscribed to dozens of little sales magazines. Clothing and gifts. When ever I took a bathroom break, I looked at them and I followed a rule. I had to pick one item to buy from each page. Sometimes it was hard to pick only one, and sometimes it was hard to pick anything. But I followed the rule no matter what. In so doing I must have explored my self. asking the whys. My bathroom breaks were rather long. ;)

    12. LOVE that story about you as a little girl, Sara!! You are such a creative, magical little maiden!:)