Monday, June 20, 2011

Leave Your Sleep...

I love the idea of crossing imaginary boundaries.
To smell the color blue
or taste the flavor sadness.
To feel a distant sound
or listen to a lonely weed.
To love an enemy
or trip on a feeling,
that feeling
the one that gives you grief
holding it up to the light to take away its power.
And poetry?
why of course it needs to be sung...
shan't we all leave our sleep at least one day a moon?


  1. What a lovely poem. Did you know there's actually a condition in which people's senses are "crossed", very much like you describe? It's called synesthesia, and V.S. Ramachandran's book, "The Tell-Tale Brain" does an excellent job explaining it. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Glad you like it, Tracey! Natalie Merchant is such a gem!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Susan! I will try to find the book! I do know a little about the condition since occasionally it happens to me..but a bit differently than most:) Its been a bit of a treasure hunt discovering and understanding my quirks, really. Usually I smell people's that comes to mind is when I smelled an airport and realized that the people I were with all wished they were somewhere else. Makes life so much more fun and interactive when it happens!

  4. Smelling an emotion...I kinda know what you mean. I love your imagination.

    And that poem as well.

  5. Brynne, what a beautiful voice Natalie has! I was blown away with the tiny excerpt she sung of "The janitor's boy." How lovely! This truly is poetry made into song. Her sultry voice just brings these tunes to life. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks, Sara! Did you see what I wrote in the comment above yours? Maybe thats a more thorough description.:) Glad you are here!

    SoOo glad you liked her, Bella! She is such a wonderful person, too!

  7. Now I am certain we should spend hours talking. I fell in feeling with Nataline when she was with the 10,000 Manics.. I loved that song about Jack Kerouac. She has one of those voices that haunts.

  8. YES! A voice that haunts! SoO glad you are here, Brenda!! I have loved her for years, too!!

  9. Lovely poem, Brynne. And I love the focus of your blog. I so agree that we all need to be reminded of the magic in our lives.

  10. SooO glad to have you here, Linny!! And I am happy that you like the idea of the blog! I am sure having you here will make it even more magical! In fact, it already is!:)

  11. I've got about 3,000,000 WOW's to get out here.
    1. The poem. Oh dear God !!! It blew me away.
    2. Natalie Merchant. I've never heard of her, but her voice is amazing. And what an incredible idea for an album. "If no-one marries me" was WOW. I'm adding her to my birthday wish list. LOL

  12. I'm soOO glad you liked it, Jo! You are soOO very kind. And I LOVE how much expression you pack into just a few words! Thank you for being here!

  13. I do get carried away at times - but only about the really good stuff life brings to me.

  14. No...never thought of you as getting carried away. Just not afraid to really feel. I LOVE that about you, Jo.