Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wednesday Wish (156); Return to the Unfathomable

photo by varun singh bhati/eyeem/getty images via google images 

Do you ever sense the unfathomable that lives in trees, or swims in the sea, or rustles in the wind as it trills and twirls and races overhead? Do you ever wonder at the rippling clouds, at the crumbling waves, at the trees who reach and rise? Are you touched by these silent stirrings, by this invisible orchestra? Are you moved by the hidden messages that breathe themselves into exquisitely woven tapestries? For you do know, don’t you . . .? They’re meant for you.

I’ve met the underground tributary that flows between souls, that connects not just you and me, but all of us to each other. It doesn’t leave anything out. Not that rock. Not that seed. Not that branch that’s broken and blowing in the breeze. It's the essence of what is, of what we all are, the shiver up your spine, the song at the end of the movie that makes you weep. It’s the unfathomable that we all feel.

Some days, the days that I’m Essence more than I’m human, I see these things more clearly. Yesterday was one of those days, a day when I was no different than a tree, and the sky was pulsing with soft rounded gifts. My skin trilled like music as my mind forfeited to my deeply contented soul—the soul that I share with you, and you with me. It was here that my friends who recently left their bodies came to my side as wispy shapes of mist and steam, their messages spoken without sound but somehow I still heard. Bill laughed with Christian. Marion hugged her children. And they smiled at my softening, a softening that brought us all together. Like trees breathing as one unified forest.

Dwelling in Essence, there’s no reason to strive. There’s no reason to worry or anger or fear. There’s just reason to Be. To be in our being, our centermost Selves where the soft golden glow permeates everything into deep, loving contentedness. 

The unfathomable pulses for all of us, we just need to open to it. It already flows through each of us, we just need to remember how to tap in. It silently beckons us to come home to the gifts that have always been there, to the beauty of what is, where the unfathomable reveals itself as the only real reality.

*.         *.         *.  

Soften your edges.
Mute the noise.
Float back into who you are
At your core.
Then look with soulful eyes
Upon the trees
And into the sea
And with the wind. 
For there is the golden hue,
The soft contented glow 
That breathes the soul,

*.         *.         *.