Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wednesday Wish (154); My Eyes Hold Your Soul

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Light trickles into my bedroom; my body is warm. 

I open my eyes and see . . . painful things. I see angry attitudes, hateful words and hurtful thoughts, off-center people who keep on walking, walking into walls and blaming the walls for being there. I’m standing among the angry and my warm bubble is porous. Soon I’m infected with their cold. I begin to hobble, to unconsciously speak the language of my surroundings. I breathe it all in and breathe it all out with yes, spices of my own. I'm a member now. We fan one another’s flames, honoring our painful, off-centered Selves. And together we blame, deflect, simmer and spew . . . feeling as if we do it because that's just the way it's done. We survive. Is this how it really is, I lament to the sky through tears, is this how life is meant to be? I crawl back in bed and cover my head, anything to get warm.

Or is their another way to see, another way to wake up to the world?

Light trickles into my bedroom; my body is warm. 

I open my eyes and see . . . beautiful struggling people. I see hurting hearts, misguided minds and lost bodies searching for something they cannot name. I am soft and sensitive, awake to subtleties and focused on soul. Still, people stare at me with hackles up, prepared for a tough response. But without a word, I put out their cold flames. My eyes aren’t mirrors anymore, but windows. Windows to what was, to what still lives deep within, to what will be once again. I am warm and centered and I can’t help but interest you. For you see, my eyes hold your soul. You breathe me in and breathe it all out with yes, spices of your own. You may not be a full member yet, maybe there's just a new tickle on your toe, but one day, one day when you forget to fan those off-center embers, the other way will seep in again, the other way you once forgot. The other way that is just as much mine as it’s always been yours. The soulful way.

*         *          *

For the last long while I’ve been working to realign with my soul more than ever before. Instead of reaching out, I’ve been reaching in. I’ve given myself more time, more love, more attention than ever before and the funny thing is, I’ve been able to infect those I do touch, more deeply. I see things more clearly. I sense subtleties more easily. And the colors, ohhh the colors . . . they flow from you as if you’re singing. And the state of the world? A space of transformation, of beautiful souls struggling to right themselves, struggling to align with their ultimate authenticity, beautiful souls falling again and again but getting up with greater resolve every time. Even sometimes, when they don't realize it.

I clutch my heart with warm, honest faith in the power of soul. To soften. Every. Last. Bit.

When the world feels hurtful, when you’re infected with ugly or hobbling with hurt or anger, you’re seeing with eyes other than your soul’s. You’re off-center and need righting. You’re cold and need warmth. You’ve forgotten and need reminding.

Go within. Answers to everything lie deep within. When we love our beautiful Selves, when we give time to our deepest Selves, we unlock secret compartments that ache to be seen, that ache to be heard, that ache to speak to us in a language of riches. Your soul’s riches.

Riches that naturally, beautifully, infect the world.

Go within.
Go within to realign with your authentic Self.
Your eyes won’t just hold your own soul’s purpose then, but mine, too.


Michael J. Fitzgerald said...

Sooooo great to have the Presence return! It (&you) have been greatly missed!

Kent said...

Thanks for this! Hugs

Brynne said...

How very very sweet of you, dear Michael! Thank you for being here with me...I missed you, too!

Brynne said...

Thank *you*, dear Kent. Hugs back :)

katherinefabrizio said...

Beautiful Brynne- The world needs your voice!

Brynne said...

Ohh Katherine...thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me!