Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday Wish (141); Forgive . . . Your Self

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You tried. This year of 2014, you really tried. And yet still, not everything turned out the way you hoped it would. You were more conscious. You were more loving. You were even more careful and caring and creative. But still, you tripped. You fumbled. Sometimes you even fell flat on your face. And you hurt. Yourself and others. You criticized. Yourself and others. You blamed. Yourself. And others.

And why?

For different reasons.
But what if you were to distill each reason down to its essence?

You suffered because you are human. And humans are never any other perfect, than perfectly imperfect.

You are beautiful because of all your imperfections.
And every little bit of suffering you have endured is all part of the journey, all part of the plan, all part of being human.

With one caveat though, one aspect that cannot be overlooked without dire consequences for your entire life.

Lean in, listen closely . . .

You must learn to forgive.
And to forgive first --- your Self.

Forgive yourself for it all. Not some parts, just that, or this. All of it. Every last bit.

Because whatever happened this year or in years past, today is the day to forgive and tomorrow is the day to start afresh. Now is the time to accept that you are human, and that nothing can ever be more beautiful than each our own beautifully human imperfections.

Yes, even those.

*          *          *

Through suffering, we encounter growth.
Through suffering, we learn the big lessons.
Through suffering, the light finally has a way to find our deepest Selves.

From the caterpillar’s suffering to become the butterfly, to the single seed painfully stretching up through the earth to become the flower it was born to be, growth is pain transformed into beauty.

From the suffering of abandonment or abuse, to the pains endured by those we love and care about, the real lessons of life are learned through the struggles of the heart.

From the trials of unemployment or divorce, to the suffering of illness or loss, wounds are merely opportunities to let in more light.

Color is the suffering of light
And wounds will always be your ticket Home

Home to your magnificent, winged Self.

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