Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday Wish (140); Get Un-Stuck

photo by oleg oprisco via

Stuck in your morning routine.
Stuck driving the same way to work.
Stuck wearing the same things.
Stuck buying the same foods
            Cooking the same foods
            Eating the same foods.
Stuck expecting the same responses.
Stuck receiving the same ones, too.
Stuck in a relationship, in a dance you once chose.
Stuck doing the same things
            Seeing the same things
            Feeling the same things

Until you realize one thing.

You aren’t stuck.

You were never stuck.

You just forgot your wings.

*          *          *

The comfort of routine.
The ease of no surprises.
The gift of consistency.
            Of not thinking too much
            Of not feeling too much
            Of not expecting too much
The reassurance of the same.
The warmth of a lie
            That keeps you warm
            And safe
            In your sweet little cave

Until suddenly the light floods in to wake you from your deadly slumber.

*          *          *

Maybe it’s a woman and the way she shines.
Maybe it’s a man and the way he rides—the waves of life.
Maybe that light came by way of a picture
            Or a lyric
            Or a lone line in a very special book.

But that light has found you.
It has illuminated your heart’s path
Your soul’s longing
Your ache to fly fresh and new and free.

And yet you pretend you are stuck.
You show me your shackles.
You plead with me to see why change won’t work
            Why it can’t be
            Why your life is different
            Different as different can ever be.
There isn’t enough money, you say.
There isn’t an easy way.
There isn’t time
            Or space
            Or a right way.
And it will hurt.
I just know it's going to hurt!

Maybe, but . . . 
Stuck hurts most of all

For it deadens



*          *          *

You wake up to tendrils of sleep dusting your body, and like a freshly baked pie, you emerge from your warm encased slumber to embrace the gifts of your new day. You smile when you think about the choices ahead because you’ve given yourself the time. The time to choose. The time to enjoy. The time to be conscious that you have the power to paint your morning, your day, your Life . . . any color you dream.

You pick the orange socks because they remind you of your favorite sherbet.
You drink the new tea to surprise your tongue. (And it works!)
You wear your hair differently because it’s fun.
And you give yourself a wink and a smile. (And mean it!)

You drive a new way to work and admire the scenery. You remind yourself that it is exhilarating to see with fresh eyes and that in order to breathe in fresh ideas you must expose yourself to new things, new people, new ways of doing . . .  and thinking about . . . the same old everyday routines.

You shock yourself. You break out of your norm. You rip off that boring old button down to reveal the true Superhero beneath. You break your own rules. You leap before the net appears. You rise up and wave your flag to show the other stuckies the way.

The Winged Way.

Because change does a soul right.

And wings . . . were meant for flying.


  1. You always seem to time these perfectly for when I need advice/counsel. I am trying my wings now - and making some flying plans for the day/week/month. Thank you!

    1. And those beautiful wings of yours....ahhh Michael...may they find their way here sometime soon! We miss and love you! Thank you for your kind words:)

  2. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

    1. Thank you, Jerry! Wishes for a very Merry Holiday from my heart to yours!

  3. I'm coming out of bed as a pecan pie tomorrow ;)
    I feel so alive when I travel - always coming home with fresh ideas and promises to myself. Then I get stuck in routine. I'm going t

    1. A pecan pie? Wow...are you going to have a lot of new friends!:) And if travel feeds you...why not do it more? Maybe there are different, more creative ways for you to travel when you are at home, too? Thanks for your words! You brought me new happy today!

  4. I'm going to remember I have wings, even when I'm not flying.

    1. I am glad you are going to remember! Because you do, you always do have those beautiful wings of yours, so why not honor them even when you aren't flying?:)

  5. Wings and light
    Wings and light
    Acceptance is weightless

    1. ...and your beauty invites me to float with the stars. Thank you, beautiful Jenna!:)