Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Wish (135); Find Your Horse

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He is always there. Waiting for you. Believing that you will remember again. His spirit, it never sags. His hope, it never wavers. And the wonder that he embodies will never, ever leave. For he holds the secrets in his form, in the way he gallops and leaps and rises above it all. His colors dance to the music, to the warm light and the bright smiles, and as his gifts start to swell inside of you, you begin to lose yourself, just a little bit, back to the magic that had begun to die, back to where you once belonged.

*          *          *

A few days ago I woke up another year older, my past behind me, my life fresh ahead. And because I'm a dreamer, when I was asked what I wished for on my special day, I already knew. For I had seen him as I slept. He danced a dance and shared his secrets and all the while I stood by waiting for an invitation, waiting for a ticket, a ticket I already held in the heart of my own hand.

            “I want to ride the carousel!” I said like a little girl, my eyes shiny with hope.
            “The one at the Mall?” he asked, with a tinge of disbelief.
            “Uh huh! I want to find my horse.”

So we went. To the Mall. On my special-est of special days, my birth day. To ride the carousel. To find my horse.

*          *          *

So now it’s you, looking wide-eyed for your horse, the only one meant just for you. Is he is chocolate colored or is he white? Is his mane wild and free? Is his head tossed back with energy or is he waiting patiently, elegantly, quiet as can be? Do you whisper his name? Do you hear his whinny? Does your heart feel a magic flutter when you finally spot him, when you touch his smooth skin, when you mount his strong and able-bodied back? And when the carousel finally begins, when your hands hold the golden post or the warm leather reins, is it then you begin to remember … the wonder of your childhood dreams?

The tragedy of life is not death
but what we let die inside of us while we live.
--Norman Cousins

Find your horse. He is always there. Waiting for you. Believing that you will remember again. Believing that you will come home to the magic of wonder again.

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