Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Wish (133); Peace Within Your Soul

photo by david talley via googleimages

Like a silent ray of sun, your warmth expands when you see her, when your eyes finally find her and rest upon her skin. You watch. And you tremble. Your hand reaches up to cover your mouth. For what else are you to do when your breath catches in your heart and your fingers fill with air and your body begins to fly …. ?

She walks, slowly now, slowly along the beach. Her hair long, long and wild and free and it dances in the puffs of wind, in the tiny gusts that rise up and across the sea. Sometimes she tries to tuck it back. Back behind her ears. But most of the time she lets it dance, in her eyes and upon her shoulders, yes long, long and wild and free.

Her feet are bare, her toes sink gently in the soft, wet sand. And when she finds a rock she likes, surely a smooth or shiny pebble, she picks it up, dries it just a bit, then places it, her little treasure, in the pocket of her flowered dress. And just like that, you think to yourself, she makes herself, she becomes her Self, a treasure of the sea.

She is quiet. She is present. She is tuned in to nature and to her Self. She is at peace with who she is. At peace with what surrounds her. And she lets it all be, whatever it is, finding treasure in the smallest, in the irrelevant, in the most neglected of them all. She Sees and lets it all, including her Self, Be.

She sees the beauty, you see her beauty, and you grow. Grow your heart, grow your mind, grow the peace you used to know, deep within your soul. 

*          *          *

Did you forget what it is to be present? Did you forget what it is to slow down? Did you forget what it is to … love?

The shallow life, the rush and fake and pretending it doesn’t hurt, does HURT. The absent actions, the checklist mentality, the looking but not seeing, is not SEEING.

But the deep, the richly flavored, the slow down and sip, the breathe in and out, returns you to PEACE. The listening, the connecting, the energy shared from eyes to eyes, from soul to soul, returns you to LOVE.

And remembering to love?
To give and to share?
Is the only thing that can ever really save you.
Because without it,
you forget what really matters,
who you really are,
what you were really born to be.
You forget
that all along
you had wings.


  1. You always find the right words

    1. You always ignite the right feelings. Thank you, dear and beautiful Jo.

  2. Allowing time and space for intimacy with our Self and others takes lots of continual practice....Your posts always help remind Me to breathe and just be with what is. Thank You !!

    1. What a gift you are, dear Tim. Thank you for sharing your heart and for caring as deeply as you do. I am grateful. And always sending you hugs.:)