Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wednesday Wish (116); Be Who You Are—Beautiful

photo by tom spencer via soulofthegarden.com

She is beautiful.

Not because anyone tells her that she is

Or because she thinks she should be

But because she is her one and only Self.

She likes to stand on the edge of the estuary, that place where the water eddies and twirls and makes funny patterns, that place where the birds like to land and catch fish and puff up their feathers, singing little lullabies to the mouth of the sea. She likes to feel the wind as it rises up off the ocean catching bits of salt and sand, to feel that wind with her arms stretched wide and her fingers twiddling gently in the breeze. She watches as the sun warms a drop of dew, giving it glisten, and as the moon lights up a wild rose, giving it voice. She watches and she learns. She listens and she smiles. She sees and she is happy.

She stands there for days on end, for weeks that turn into years, and every day that comes, brings something new. The wind brings new gifts, the birds sing new songs, the plants grow new life, and the sea, oh yes the sea, she brings new secrets, new hopes, new dreams. The birds might land on her, the plants might tickle her skin, and on windy days the sea might even kiss her with its spray. And while she takes those gifts as one might accept love, she doesn’t need to be told she is loved, she doesn’t need to be told she is beautiful. She just knows that she is.

The River Birch standing on the edge of the estuary, that which marks the place I most like to write, is beautiful. I tell her so every day. And yet, I know it does not matter to her, it does not change what she is. For she is beautiful whether I tell her so or not. She is beautiful not because she thinks she should be. She is beautiful because she is herself. You see, somewhere deep beneath that peeling white bark, in a place we might call soul, she knows that she is who she was meant to be and being who you are meant to be can only ever be ... Beautiful.

*          *          *

This week my Wish is that you take the time to remember who you are. When you peel off all the requirements and all the expectations, who are you? Are you a dreamer? Are you a lover? Are you someone who grows wings when you step outside, when you let the gentle gifts of nature soothe your modern-rushed wounds? What feeds you? What calms you back to the place you recognize as soul?

When you find that place that is who you are, that feels like soul, swim there, dive there, dwell there for as long as you possibly can. And then when you finally decide to rise your head from the depths of your Self, from the depths of your soul, you will surely see a very special gift, a gift that you have carried with you all along. Whether you are a bird or a fish or a River Birch that stands tall along the edge of the sea, whether you are big or small or rich or poor, or hobbling on one foot or two, a stranger in your own sea, when you are who you are meant to be, you are nothing less than ... Beautiful.

You are beautiful

Not because anyone tells you that you are

Or because you think you should be

But because you are your one and only Self.

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