Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Wish (115); Free Your Dream Back Home

photo by katerina plotnikova via bored

When the last bit of sleep has fallen from your eyes, and the last dew of morning has risen to the sky, gaze up to the widest part of blue, where the clouds fluff up like puffer fish and the wind catches dreams to guide them home. And when you do, dare to pluck that dream that floats unattached, that one dream that’s ridden on the back of a moonbeam just for you, yes you and only you, the only one it has ever longed for, the only one it has ever needed, the only one who could ever set it free. Yes, you.

Did you know it has sung your name for years upon years on end? And did you know that you forgot you heard your name as it soared across the treetops, between the gusts and among the birds who tried to guide it home?

It was there when you denied your feelings in favor of something else, someone else, feelings very far and out of touch with your soul. It was there when you pushed yourself to do something you didn’t want to do, something that felt bad but you did it anyway, something you thought you ought to do. It was there when you kept quiet. When you held your tongue and silenced your heart. When you cried into your pillow and sobbed in the shower, hoping the soap would wash it all away. It was always there. Your dream, dreaming for you, calling your name, begging you back home to the pulse that ached to give you a breath of fresh life.

How then, can you be sure to hear it now? How then can you know your ears are working and your heart will finally follow suit? Where is the key? And how will you now open that door?

Begin small. Even tiny. How does the grass feel beneath your bare feet? And a lily as you brush it against your cheek? Weave a branch of rosemary, a sprig of thyme, and a leaf of basil or two around your fingers and your wrists. How do they smell? What do they say? How do you … feel? Let nature invite those forsaken feelings to feel welcome again, safe enough to be heard. Find the tenderness you tucked away and even if just for a little while, dare to honor it once again. For your feelings, yes those, no matter what and how formed, are threads connected to your soul, tendrils leading you home.

*          *          *

We forsake our dreams when we deny ourselves, when we deny our feelings. Life gets busy. Kids get needy. Partners get caught up in things we think we ought to solve. Our friends fall down. Our parents crumble. We prop them all up. And forget … ourselves.

This week my Wish is that you free your dream back home, that you find those tendrils, those threads connected to your soul and that you honor them, that you love them, that you guide yourSelf back home. Take your own hand with tenderness, cradle your own heart with love, give yourself what you give so many others, bring your dream back home.

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