Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Wish (113); Suspend. Yourself.

photo by david talley via

She slips the silk gown over her head feeling it grace the edges of her curves. She is tired and ready to lose herself in her dreams. Ohhh, how she loves her dreams. She walks barefoot on the cold wood floor until she finds the small tufted rug beside her bed. It reminds her of the long grass in the orchard at her childhood home. She stops for a moment to let her toes sink in, to let her memories wash her by.

When she finally nestles in, she realizes she isn’t ready. Not quite yet. Her mind needs something more. Something in her waking world. Even so, she blows out the candle and watches as the moon gently lights up the garden. It’s almost full tonight—the garden with its treats and the moon with its cheeks. The stars are out. The Peepers sing. And the clouds, why, there are so very few.

As she lets her eyes wander, she asks herself questions. Not to know the answers but for the sheer delight of the questions themselves. She wants to Be the questions. To live in the richness of their possibility-laden depth. Because such realms help her. Stay open. Stay alive. Stay as wide as the biggest ‘spanse of sea ….

What do I see with my imagination’s eye?
Where are the colors?
Are they where the adults taught me they always should be?
Or are they otherwheres?
In Neverlands or Avalons or rivers hidden beneath my dreams?
How do I suspend my trained mind
In favor of an open heart
An open being
Inviting creative mystery?
Where must I go to see the colors in the clouds
Even in the darkness
of a sleepy

*          *          *

My Wish is for you to Suspend. Yourself. To let yourself see colors in the clouds. The clouds you carry like baggage.

Every. Single. Day.
Of . Your. Life.

Your fears. Your anticipations. Your requirements.
Your hopes and dreams and memories.
Those that hurt.
And those that feel like joy.
In your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit.
Suspend, for a moment here with me, all those trained beliefs.

In favor of sensuality.
And feeling.
In honor of gentleness
And of soft, deep love.
And eyes that aren’t afraid to see
Suspend yourself with wings that sit upon your back
Waiting to be felt
Waiting to be seen
Waiting to take you
To the mystical realms of your dreams …



  1. Dear Brynne,
    You never fail but to find what I need here...when I need it. Thank you.

    1. my dear, dear Jo ... you never fail to bring me smiles. Every time I find you here. Every time I read your words. Every time I see your name.