Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday Wish (111); Tap Into Your Flow

The metal bucket sits perched on the side of the Maple tree, its blue plastic lid protecting the sacred elixir housed within. Most days the Maple tree stands tall and silent, invisible to even the most aware. But when the metal bucket with the blue lid arrives, the Maple tree suddenly finds herself transformed. As the season changes, as the warmth begins to return after the long, cold winter, the Maple tree begins to be seen and the invitation to share is just too much to ignore. So she does. She shares. Of herself. For days on end.

On others days and other seasons, the Maple tree may be valued for her shade, or for her gift of home to birds and bugs and bees, but these days, this season, she is valued for what dwells within, for the syrup that runs like life energy through her veins.

During the early Spring, the Maple tree is a lone solitary island until she decides to let her inner gifts flow, until she decides to share her vulnerable, inner Self. Even so, she can’t give of that inner self by staying hidden behind layer after layer of protective bark. She has to open up. And even then, it is only the few who dare to take the time to tap into her tasty, sugary syrup that really discover her true inner worth.

*          *          *

As Spring blossoms every bit of life in the Northern hemisphere, let it also blossom you. Shed your heavy coats, your protective layers and dare to tap into your own sacred elixir, that sugary syrup that flows within you, your life energy, your You.

Don’t think. Or even try too hard. For the sacred flees under pressure. Just unravel, reveal, unleash yourself, and like a river racing back to the sea, let yourself go. Let yourself flow. Don’t listen to the rest of the world, to the news, to the hype, to the opinions and scientifically proven truths. Eat what feels right, not what you must. Exercise when you want to, not when you should. Trust your gut, not a textbook. Invest in yourself, not someone else’s dream.

Hear your own voice, find your own smiles, your own heart flutters, your own truths, and give them each wings. Be the metal bucket with the blue lid for yourself and tap into that sacred elixir that is you at your deepest core. For like the Maple tree, this is also your season to share your gifts, your season to be more of who you really are, your season to tap into your flow.


  1. That's a wonderful metaphor and such a beautifully written post!

    1. Thank you, dear Katherine. I am happy you liked it. Always so good to find your heart here:)

  2. Alignment with the natural flow of grace. Awakening to the truth that our essential nature is to Be part of the divine Flow. All this tree talk makes me think about the tree rings and circumference. Seems its most difficult and lengthy to make your way in and around the outer layers. As we get closer to the " Heart " the distance and layers are less :).... Incredible post, Thank you!

    1. 'All this tree talk'...oh my goodness, Tim, you make me laugh! And as usual, you find the most beautiful fresh metaphors in the midst of everything else. A gift, I tell are such a beautiful gift! Thank you!