Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday Wish (108); Let Nature Speak

photo via flowerhomes.blogspot.com

She let nature speak.

And without voice or word, she listened.

She let nature unravel the complicated parts.

She let nature soothe.

She let nature till
And weed
And sow

The garden of her soul.

*          *          *

There it was
A dark brown spot of dirt.
If you walked too fast
You’d miss it
But if you slowed
You might

That it was busy alright
Filled with faith
A faith as strong as Spring can be

*          *          *

She knew.
She always knew.
She didn’t need to fear
To consider the judgments
Or the opinions
Or the brains outsmarting their hearts.
Because she knew
Her nature.
She knew
What she came to earth to do.
She knew
She would blossom
Because she was a flower
And that’s what flowers

*          *          *

He doesn’t ask
Or check his watch
He doesn’t doubt
Or deny his inner clock
He just wakes up
And goes outside
Because it’s time.
Time to end the darkness
Time to open into Spring.

*          *          *

It’s Spring in the Northeast. Hibernation season is nearing an end, the season of light has already begun. Brown spots of earth fester. Flowers peek up their heads and some enjoy a blossom. And we? We humans? Have we forgotten that we are of nature, too?

For like seeds, we fester
And ruminate
But if we stop for a moment to see
From beneath the surface
We can’t help but know
That we can do nothing less
Than become who we were always meant to be.

For like flowers, when we grow toward the light
Toward the kindness
And the love
And the warmth,
We are fed
With exactly what we need.

For like bears,
When the time is right
we crawl into our dens
Of dark
To hibernate
To dream
To ignore the hurt of cold.
And then,
When it is all over,
When the sun returns with its kind heat
To warm our coldest parts
We emerge
With the promise of regeneration
Of new birth
New hope
With the promise of Spring

*          *          *

Let nature speak
To You.

And without voice or word, listen.

Let nature unravel the complicated parts.

Let nature soothe.

Let nature till
And weed
And sow

The garden of your soul.


  1. Hi Brynne, I got here because Jo from Chronicles of Illusion featured you today. Anyone Jo says is good is good! Your work is inspiring and beautiful, thank you.

    1. Thank you, Lucid gypsy! What a great name! Any friend of Jo's is a friend of mine. Not just that, my heart is already open to yours.:)

  2. Love Spring and all it has to offer.. And you are so right we are all natures children.. The Weeds too, all Beautiful, All One...
    I came via Jo's Link from Chronicles of Illusion.. Lovely Blog..
    Sue xox

    1. "The Weeds, too..." I love that! And don't we all feel like weeds sometimes ourselves? I can't help but think of all the amazing healing properties of dandelion!:)

      So happy to have you here, Sue! As I said above...any friend of Jo's is a heartfelt friend of mine.:)