Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wednesday Wish (107); Laugh With Me

photo via livelocalteam.com

She didn’t know.
She didn’t know that her dogs were barking at a big branch sitting on the trunk of her car as she drove down those slushy streets in Maine that day. They were always loud and rambunctious and especially when she took them from their warm and safe abode. Maybe that’s why she didn’t question it when they didn’t stop their noise. It was cold, very cold. She herself shivered in their little car. Maybe they were extra cold, too.

She didn’t know.
She didn’t know that I was driving behind her, a safe distance behind her, so that when the branch finally did decide to fall off her trunk, I would have time to avoid it. It was big, you see and after realizing what it was and how it probably got there, I could do nothing else but laugh. So I laughed and laughed and laughed … all by myself in my own chilly little car, watching a big branch hold on for dear life with a pile of frantic dogs egging it on, their driver completely oblivious. She just didn’t know.

No, she didn’t know.
She didn’t know that when that branch finally did fly off, crashing into pieces behind her, that car after car would be dodging that trail all morning—swearing and wondering and swearing some more.

She didn’t know why her dogs suddenly stopped barking.

She didn’t know that I drove far behind her and then suddenly drove rather close.

She didn’t know why there was a laughing woman tapping on her window when she stopped at a stoplight. She didn’t know so she just stared at me with wide-eyed fear.

She didn’t understand any of it
Because she was on autopilot
And living in fear.

The lady who didn’t know
missed a chance to laugh with me.

*          *          *

Laugh with me. Lighten your heavy. Take off your coat and let me show you what surrounds you. Take of your shoes and let me help you feel what’s beneath you. Look around. And up. See the everyday. Gobble up the old unseen and then the new. Forget Autopilot and bring in Spring with fresh, awakened eyes. See faces. Trust the love there. Know that you are held by unseen forces wanting only the best for you. And then laugh with me, my dear friend. Laugh with me … for you know the saying … the best is yet to be.

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