Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wednesday Wish (105); Live With Imagination

body painting art by johannes stotter

What’s the difference between life and imagination?

Where you decide to put your heart.

*          *          *

I imagined he was smiling at me, with kindness, with love.
And so he was.

I imagined it was a sunny day even when the blues grew darker, and darker still. For her eyes set sparkles free, inviting me to catch them like shooting stars. And his, still more. And hers, more still. And suddenly, the blue day became light. Because my imagination told me so.

I dreamed things would work out.
So they had no choice
But to do as I imagined they would.

“Miss Brynne?”
“Yes, little one?”
“Are you a kid or a grown up?”
“Hmm, let me see,” I said, tapping my chin. “Today, I am a kid.
“Just as I thought,” she said, as she ran off to play.

I drove everywhere that day.
Up the streets.
Down the avenues.
Seattle saw me and my car all over the place.
And everywhere I went, people honked and waved.
This is the friendliest city I have ever met!
And I have travelled many places.
But did you see the Tupperware you left upon your car's roof all day?
said the cynic with a knowing furrow upon his face.
Why no, I said, with a dreamy smile.
Ahh, yes. Now I understand.
Seattle must’ve been happy to see I was eating so well.

I used to be afraid to fly
Because in a past life I died in a plane crash.
You did?
Uh huh.
So what changed?
I listened to my fear,
Let it teach me why it was there.
And when I did,
I grew compassion
For myself.
And that fear?
It went away.

*          *          *

What’s the difference between life and imagination?

Just your heart.
just Your heart.
just your Heart.

My Wish this week is that you put your Heart where it wants to be. 
In a world you Wish yourself to be … in a world that awaits … in a world that already is … just an imagination’s jump away.


  1. Hmmm...As a creative person, there's no difference to me.

    1. There isn't a difference for anyone. Unless they choose to separate the two. And a lot do. Glad we have people like you out there, Tosh...who bring sparkle to the dullest of days. Thanks for weighing in, new friend.:)

  2. Fears really do fade as compassion for the Self replaces them with a much stronger foundation. A good sense of humor never hurts as well :). Excellent story, Thanks!

    1. The imagination can open doors that seem like solid walls...and as you say, with a bit of compassion and humor, a whole new life is born. Thank you for your presence and caring, dear Tim. Always brings a smile to my heart when I find you here. :)