Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday Wish (103); Protect Your Magic

photo by zev at fiddleoak.com
“Did you remember the cupcakes?” said my best friend Jenny, twirling her braids and chewing her day old gum.
          “Yep,” I said, proud of myself for not accidentally-on-purpose forgetting and then gobbling them up like a belly-happy beast.
          “And what’d ye tell your mom?”
          “That we were looking for four leaf clovers. Same as I always do. What’d ye tell yours?” I kinda knew, but it was what we always asked each other. As if to be sure neither one of us had been forced to reveal even a smidgen of our secret.
          “Nothing much. Going outside to play. She isn’t like your mom. She’d probably make me stay inside if I told her we were hunting for—“
          “Shhh—someone might hear you!” One could never be too safe.
          “Thanks, that was close. Good thing your brother wasn’t around. He’d probably have me in a head lock by now. ‘Say it! Say it, Jenny, or I’ll rip it off….’” Jenny rubbed her neck, her eyebrows peaked over her bright brown eyes. “He’s a bully, that brother of yours.”
          “I know. Come on, though. Twilight is comin’ fast and you know we only have a little bit of time before dinner.”
          “Our dinner or theirs?”
          I giggled, “Ours, silly. Fairies don’t eat like us. They just nibble on forest treats all day long. And anyway, I’m sure they’ve been watching us for the past few minutes. Bet you my favorite purple pen that their stomachs are grumbling right about now. Once a fairy gets a whiff of these cupcakes, they won’t be able to focus on anything else.”
          “Ya,” said Jenny with a grin, “I bet you’re right. I know I can’t.”
          I giggled right back, “I love you, Jenny. And I love trying to find our real kin together. Not another person in the world I’d wanna do it with.” I reached for her hand and squeezed it good 'en hard.
          “You mean you wouldn’t wanna meet your first fairy holdin’ hands with Jon Foster instead?”
          I made a barfing noise and within seconds we were a  mess on the forest floor, me throwing leaves and Jenny huckin’ acorns, the two of us bursting at the seams.

*          *          *

My Wish for you this week? To protect your magic. You see, sometimes we come across a magic in our lives, either in our imagination or in our waking world, that changes everything—that lightens our heavy. For some of us it’s an afternoon of fairy hunting with a wide-eyed imaginative little friend but it can also be as simple as an idea for a book, or a painting, or a new business. For others it might be a belly-flutter when someone walks by, or a lovely heart-pounding when a certain reminder happens upon our path. No matter what it is though, we must always—always—remember one important thing. We must protect those magics in our lives. We must keep them growing and even thriving. Like a fairy in the wood or a whisper in the breeze, magic can be elusive and if it is not treated with the utmost care, it can slip through our fingers, leaving us once again with a heavy load upon our backs. So this week, protect your magic. Give the magic in your life room to flourish. And share with others only when you no longer need to defend what you know to be true.


  1. The magic enters at the strangest times, doesn't it. Like wandering in the mental woods, not knowing the way out - or even if you really want to leave. I'll ponder this magic today while my book characters tell me what they need to do. Busy creatures, they all are. Busy. And for some reason, I suddenly have a desire to eat a cupcake. Odd...

    1. That's right...it comes at the strangest times for me, too! Like today. I walked into a cafe and a lovely woman stopped me to say she liked the color of my coat. Just then it was as if our hearts gave hugs to one another! I felt it, saw it in her eyes.

      Magic finds us when we open ourselves to it. You know that, my friend...better than most. Thank you for being here with me. I miss you!

  2. I encountered a lovely heart-pounding reminder this evening! Opening up and listening to the Heart intuition has made this "magic" a familiar and unavoidable part of every day life. Thanks for the gentle reminder that it needs plenty of room to flourish and grow. Always such a treat to read your post!!

    1. "Plenty of room to flourish and grow"... so true, dear Tim, so very true. And how do we give that gift to ourselves? We spend time alone, we spend time with our hearts open when we aren't alone, and we spend time in nature soaking up the gifts of the natural world. And Tim? Always such a pleasure to find you here. Thank you:)

  3. Each time my path crosses yours I find another piece of magic waiting for me...thank you Brynne

    1. That is the same thing that happens to me when you cross my path, dear Jo. Every. Single. Time. Thank you, beautiful pea berry.