Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Wish (82); Blow Bubbles

Whatever it is,
it’s not as important
or as heavy
as it seems.
It just wants you
to think that,
so you won’t remember
to set it free,
so you won’t remember
to replace it with
and a day, week, life 
of childlike

My current favorite place to blow bubbles is on an airplane. What about you? Where is your current favorite place? What about in an important meeting? Or in a fancy office building? Or in an elevator? Where do you wish you had the nerve to blow bubbles and where might your joy feel the grandest if you did? 

I dare you this week,
to honor your childlike spirit. 
We all have it. 
It's just the few who honor it, 
that enjoy life for the rest of us.


  1. When I retired from my university teaching job - the first time - my son's girlfriend gave me a plastic machine that made bubbles as a gift. It provided instant smiles from anyone who saw that thing cranking those big bubbles out in a steady stream. Instant. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get the bubblemaker out of the closet and back making smiles. Kind of makes me smile just to think about getting it out!

    1. And what a beautiful image that is...of you...making smiles with bubbles...everywhere you go. Thank you for already beginning the smile train..tonight..right here with me:)

  2. Does doing headstands on the beach and running in the ocean waves count???:). Saw several people on beach with the bubble idea. Thanks for reminding us to not take Life to seriously :)!!

    1. There are soo many ways to play with childlike wonder...and you, dear soul...know sooo many of them:) Hugs and happies for your first week of July!:)

  3. I honoured my child in overdrive when I went and got my computer...the shop assistants were in hysterics.

    1. Ohhhh JO! It's soOO wonderful to find you here!! I am sOOO happy you are back online...and that you are back to being your beautiful childlike-magical Self!:) You know, don't you, that you are just a 'Y' /'why?' shy of Joy at any given moment:) It's just who you are!!