Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wednesday Wish, (75); See The Beauty of Your Soul

He sat across from me, his eyes searching for a gentle place to rest, maybe a blank patch of wall or a quiet painting…anything that brought enough solace for his heart to share its secrets. He longed to be heard, to be seen, to be revealed as the beautiful man that he was. He knew that here, with me, he had a chance for that to happen. And so it was that he began, his eyes leading his soul the way.

I watched him unfold. I felt his story tremble in my hands, his raw vulnerability pulsing with naked fear. And because I had my heart wide open, to see and be present with every fiber of my being, his words became colors, his voice, a rare song, and suddenly, he was more beautiful than even he himself dreamed. He was pure love. He was soul. He was breathtaking.

My eyes filled with tears at the beauty of another man’s soul. His gift, to me. But how could my words ever convey that which I saw? How could I possibly have a gift to give to someone who was already pure beauty and beyond?

Then, as I wiped my tears and looked up, I found his eyes. The windows to his soul were no longer resting in another world, they were right here, resting with me.

His eyes
had found their peace,
my own.

*          *          *

She glowed like a movie star under the lights, like a Spring flower reaching for the sun. And she had no idea. Her laughter came from deep places and filled even the darkest ones, her spirit elevating all those around her. And still, she had no idea. My friends asked me what it was like to know her, told me how lucky I was. And those talks, I shared with her. But still, she had no idea….of her true beauty. Of the magic that was her soul.

I remember telling her. Again and again and again. I remember her smiles as she briefly sipped of her own spring. And then, just seconds later, I remember her face as it moved to see itself in the mirror. When I saw her, she was soft and open, pure love. When her eyes met herself, she hardened and closed and became someone I did not know. Someone only she knew.

She gave
the hurdles
and the pains
and the struggles
of her life
greater weight
than the beauty
of her own

And yet still…her eternal Self will never cease to express itself through her eyes.

This I know.

And this will I always remind her.

*          *          *

Your Beauty is your soul. Your Beauty is the You in you. 
Your Beauty moves me to tears...
again and again and again.


  1. That is a wonderful piece of writing! Wow! I'm so glad I came by today and that you posted this particular piece on this day. It's perfect! Thank you!

    1. I am soo glad you came by today too, dear Katherine. I wish I could hug you today of all days, to tell you with my eyes how beautiful you are. A written hug and an air squeeze will have to do:) And a bunch of happy smiles!

  2. Absolutely incredible post! True beauty that moves me to tears as well. I See Myself in Others and in your writing. Peace from within, Thanks so much !!

    1. What a wide-open, beautiful soul you are, dear Tim. Thank you. Thank you for sharing yourSelf here. It means a lot to me. Let's keep those touching tears coming! Doesn't life feels sooo good when we are wide open to it? Hugs:)