Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wish, (74); See the Magic of Spring

133/365 if you don't like the weather in utah, just wait 24 hours
photo by all the fine things via flickr

It’s Spring time in the North. The green kind with tufts of color peeking out to see if we’re paying attention, if we’re awake, if we remember how to appreciate the little things.

Do you?

Do you see the way the trees, ever so slightly, lift up their branches to push their beloved buds closer to the warmth of the sun?

Do you notice how some flowers come out of the ground with bowed heads, how they secretly, when no one is looking, then lift those heads up to the sky, as if following a promise of beautiful tomorrows?

Do you breathe in the scents, not unlike a newborn baby’s, gifts reminding us of the magic of life?

And if you don’t see these things, when then did you stop? Did you grow up? Did you find better things to think about, things that were more important? Things that made money and got you more respect?

Or did you just forget…the little things?

The little things that make life magic
That make life meaningful,
That make life worth living.

Trees care.
Flowers sense.
Gifts of nature are magical gifts
But they are only available
to those who choose to see.

Will you?
Will you find your happy in nature again?

My Wednesday Wish For You?

Introduce yourself to a tree. Talk to it. In your heart or in your head, in a song or in a whisper, but please don’t yell. Trees don’t like to be yelled at. Neither do I. And neither do you. Tell the tree what you see. Her beauty. Her kindness. Her gifts. Smile with love at her and let her know you care. Notice the new gifts she germinates within you when you share of your heart. Notice a new lightness, maybe a sparkle or a softness that starts to grow inside of you—a feeling you might remember from your childhood. Notice how your head tries to make fun of you, but not before you push it behind a curtain and tell it to shush, that you are remembering how to see, how to soften yourself to nature, how to appreciate the little things. The little things that make life…magic.


  1. Ahhh, the softness we can all feel in our hearts is even closer to feel in nature. Thanks for the beautiful wish. I will be tree hugging soon :).

    1. Soo true, Tim...we are even closer to our Selves in nature, aren't we? Nature brings us back to our core...if we let it. Costs nothing and more valuable than any paycheck:) Happy Spring my tree hugging friend!