Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Wish (56); One by One

Let the little feathers that flutter into your life, inspire you:

a Fall leaf in your path
a pebble in your shoe
the swoosh of rain under your tires
the shiver of cold that runs up your spine
a stranger in your path
an unexpected smile
a lone weed
the brush of wind on your face
a dumb advertisement turned synchronistic
words on the side of a van
a song on the radio
a phone call from an old friend
a pothole
a timely hiccup or sneeze
that butterfly in your belly…you know when

For what inspires you can’t help but inspire others, too. Magic is contagious. Don’t you agree? She says with a giggle. Yes, it sure sure sure sure is! If you believe, together we can watch the world become more magic, One by One:


  1. Behold the power of Presence! I am certainly inspired. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. so kind. Thank YOU:) You inspire me!

  2. The smell of a hot street on a summer day, when the rain's first drops kiss the black skin of path, and evaporates in a joy of smells..

    The rustle of undergrowth in a deep emerald forest, that moment before you know if it is a small creature making its way with hesitation, or a predator seeking new life to sustain itself. That moment before kindness and preceding fear, is when we are most alive..

    Walking between concrete columns of business and hectic life, seeing a quiet force of green forcing itself between cracks of concrete. While most ignore and chat by cell, you stop, interrupting the flow, diverting, you bend and kiss this gentle bloom that dares to grow..

    Standing on a deserted street at night, cold fog clinging to your soul as well as clothes, paths obscured in mists of dampness, you realize you are free, for with no set path or direction, all paths are open to you..

    Sitting at your computer at home, kids screaming, spouse busy with their own life, you are lost in an electronic world when... you hear a bird song. You stop, fingers hovering over keys. Looking out your window, the window you never notice when you're working, you see a bird perched on a branch. The bird does not know you watch, perhaps, does not care. It sings with passion for life, its notes simple yet filled with happiness for what it is allowed to be. You turn off the computer, touch your spouse gently on the shoulder, see into her eyes as you touch your children's hands silencing them. You all walk outside to sit quietly, thanking the bird for saving this day. It sings on, unaware of its affect on you, simply happy to be alive, singing its gratitude...

    Your child lays on the carpet, legs bent up, feet swaying in the air. Paper is scattered around this child, moons of art and passion orbiting this young soul. A gasp, a shout of joy for the moment, this child looks to you without words, its joy at creation evident as it holds a colorful masterpiece up for your inspection. Crayons lay broken, staining knees and elbows, a spilled juice box soaks into the carpet. Looking into this child's eyes, seeing the joy of life, you have never been so happy. Joy, without restraint, the simple joy of life and being young, you realize the honor this child has bestowed upon you, by allowing you to observe, and wanting to share its joy with you. You accept...

    These little, simple moments, are the magic of which you speak dear Brynne. Thank you for reminding me.

    1. dear, dear John...your response warrants its own blow me away. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. You are sooo sooo dear to invite vulnerability into all of our hearts as you do. What a treasure you are.:)

  3. Oh the pirate reply is almost as inspiring as the post Brynne. Hope you are having a good trip home. Me I am gearing up for...ta da...NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck !!!!

    1. I agree, dear Jo. He is amazing.

      Luck to you...yes...but angel need no are an incredible writer and imaginator so I have every faith in the world in your matter where you chose to fly. Humpf!:)

  4. Brynne, today was a day when I let the little things inspire me. It started out with the nicest compliment from an associate in a store. She said, "Oh, you look so beautiful with your hair up." I thanked her profusely and told her she'd made my day. I then took the time to observe every changing color on my way home. How I love fall! Thank you for making me smile with this lovely post. Hope you are well, amiga. Hugs to you from Roxy and me! :)

    1. And thank YOU, Bella, for making me smile:) Hugs from Sofia Luna and me to you and Roxy...thoughts of strawberry and cream waft up to my nose when I think of you. I hope your scented room doesn't leave you for days!:)