Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday Wish (54); Dare to Be Affected

He sat outside the grocery store, his head perched on a body that wanted to sag to the ground, but didn’t. Sitting on the cement curb was bad enough. He was tired and had all but given up.

I smiled at him when we went in. My daughter waved and gave him one of her heartfelt smiles. He half-smiled back with a longing, an aching for her joy to find his heart, too.

He didn’t leave me as I walked the aisles. And even though he didn’t ask for anything, didn't hold any sign, I saw the need in his eyes. His heart, it begged for care. Oh, did it ever.

What would he like? A candy bar? A banana? A magazine? What might give him a real smile?

I pushed the grocery cart out the door, his gifts in one hand. Would he still be there? Would he have caught his ride or walked to another, more friendly place?

“For you,” I said as I leaned down to give him a pad of paper and a sparkly pen, "because you're beautiful and have something to say."

He looked at the gifts, then looked up at me and at my smiling daughter, as if to see whether we were genuine. Our eyes confirmed the truth.

The three of us smiled,
Then, and for the rest of the day...

*          *          *

The giggles of your hand as it sinks into a bin of dried beans,
the sound of rain-swoosh beneath your tires,
the feel of a round, smooth rock as it leaves your hands to skip across the water...
as it plinks,
and plinks...
and plinks.
Because of you.

How will you make your week come alive? What new things will you dare to feel deeply?

Will you let the baby's belly laugh reach your belly, too?
Can you dare to let the stranger's smile touch your heart?
And the sadness, too.
Will you dare to help when you see the need
or will you turn away
to let them fight their beasts alone?

How will you transform a nameless week into a week of memorable beauty?

If you dare to be affected, new eyes grow in your heart,
gentler senses that before were ignored
come out of hiding
because now they are heard.
And a new chapter of magic
is invited to begin.

Dare with me?
My hand is here waiting for yours....whenever you're ready...


  1. To dare to care. For some it is natural. For others it takes some vision to get there.
    At a time in my life when I had a greatest need, I carried no sign either. Yet somehow a person dared to care and see in me what I had long forgotten.
    Now I find more often I too am daring to care on a deeper, softer level. Many heartfelt thanks for the brighter days you bring to us all!!

    1. You never carried a sign but I heard your heart, dear soul. And know something? Your heart has healed mine in ways I didn't know I needed:) Thank you. To think that you are daring to care on a deeper, softer level is a gift I now carry like a precious gem. Thank you soO much for taking the time to comment and...to care, publicly:)

  2. Brynne, I believe there are no strangers in your world, as it should be. I gladly embrace your wish. Everyone I meet gets a smile from me.

    1. You know, Debra...thats really true. There are no strangers in my world, sweet friend. I cant live any other way. I need to connect to thrive:) Thank you for reminding me and for being a presence here. I have missed you. Will visit your words, soon!:)

  3. Since I have come to know you Brynne I have found myself smiling, looking at everyone. Oh but what i get back is more valuable than anything I have ever given away.

    1. That's sooo true, dear Jo...giving love and care is the best feeling in the world. I wonder when the rest of the world will catch on. I think most have, they just forget sometimes.

      And Jo? You have always looked at everyone. Maybe a little bit more now but I remember...you saw me right away, and you know how many miles separate us.:)

  4. You my dear Brynne are impossible to miss.

    1. Thank you, Jo....I feel the same way about you, my friend.

  5. A rose for you ---<---<--@ , "because you're beautiful and have something to say."

    The world needs people like you, and the people you inspire to be like you, as much as it needs air and sun and water. Thank you for being my air, sun and water.

    1. Touched beyond words, my friend. You and Jo...I couldnt imagine a lovelier pod of love:) Feeling vulnerable today with my big adventures beginning today...so your words soothe me. Thank you, my dear friend. Love and hugs from afar...and listen for my heart waves tomorrow morning when I fly over, oh wont you?...:)

    2. You can count on it my friends, my thoughts will be flying below your wings.

    3. In a hotel near the airport...send me your email, wont you? Its not showing up for some reason on my kindle. Will try to write from mexico...i want your advice on driving, my friend! Hugs!