Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish (52)

photo by ziduswong via google images
The sky was so black she imagined painting its edges a swirly neon blue with a big, thick, sable brush.
A picture frame
For her dreams,
Hers and yours.
For she had you in mind.
Every Tuesday night.
For 52 weeks. A year?
Yep, a whole year of wishes
written in the dark of night with a backdrop of dreams and a belief
in the presence of... magic.

Most nights were warm, cradled by the pulsing Mexican earth and soothed by the wind of the rugged Pacific sea. She murmured quietly to herself, feelings that came by way of colors and scents, emotions that journeyed not just up from within but like shooting stars, too, from the outside--to her heart. She listened and watched and honored what was. She sensed and let those senses guide her along a new path. Unlit and made for two. Just You and She.

Sit with me a while, just the two of us beside this sandy nighttime sea. Let me feel your hand in mine and let me tell you once again how much I love having you here, by my side.

Can you breathe in to feel the salty air tickle your tongue? Do you see the moon reflected off the peaks of little waves, those that lap up onto shore, gently loving on your bare and tender toes? Do you feel your skin glisten in the heat of the night, in the magic of the Mexican sun? And do you wonder why you ever worried? For here, not a lick of ugly can find your open heart.

I tell you a story. Of a fisher queen and her seven daughters that frolic at the bottom of the sea. And then another of the night goddess, who searches all night for her lost lover, her tears dropped as dew, dried up by the rays of her rising son. We smile and giggle, sparkle-eye and cry, and the warmth of our hands, together, reminds us that connection plus imagination, equals magic. Equals…love.

*          *          *

This year of wishes has given me far more than I could have ever given you. You see, every time I gave you a wish, a thousand more appeared like kites in the nighttime sky, begging me to string-pull them in. Gifts from you. Kites of love you grew in me.

So this week, on the anniversary of a year of wishes, my wish is that you share your own wish with someone else.  Any wish, to or for, anyone else.

Connection begets imagination, begets magic, begets love. Watch. A wish to share so that you’ll see, just as I have, the beautiful gifts you have given me.


  1. There is a magick upon the sea, it glimmers upon the moon bright crests that wave and roll to the heart of you. There is more, much more, below the seas though, that shine with the love and adoration of what you do for me and others. Swaying forests of kelp, glowing in the emerald light, are but a part of the beauty that dwells within my heart, and yearns to find the twin in you.

    Darkness is not black, as you know, but myriad shades of blue that fade to the obscure. Obscure to most, but not to those with eyes that see beyond the veil. Your memories of Mexico and its warmth are not false, yet they do not preclude the joy of lands to come. Live then... live now, who can say what is real and what portends the future.

    Beauty is found in darkness, and brings the light of love. Love Illumines the night, and brings warm winds of wonder to the beaches of our lives. Scrunch your toes in the sand of life, let the warm waters of love wash over your soul, bask, in the light of life and love. Live, where you are and how you are. You, are where you need to be.

    It is not the home you remember fondly, but the home that brings you back. Cold and dank though forests be, they lead you to the path of light. The path that brings, the path that sends, to the life you long to be.

    Know that I sit upon these warm sands with you, basking in the heat of stars yet borne. You touch so many souls within this expanse, you may never know the gulfs of space you travel. Sitting under these palms of hope, know that I touch your hand and give thanks, for your heart, your love and most of all, your dreams, for they are the foundation that so many lives are built upon.

    Flourish my friend, that others may bask in the glow of your love. Grow, grow wild, that others may see and test their boundaries. Rise, bright in the warm sun, that others may seek the warmth that feeds their soul. Send your roots deep my friend, that they may reach all places upon this earth, breaking free of crusting earth, finding souls in need of life.

    You are the life that feeds this world, go and flourish, that others may aspire and be known.

    1. Ahh, John...I read you and as always, find myself swimming in a sea of emotions with colors and textures and tastes and sounds and while I try to fit them into little boxes of black letters, they kick and scream and want to stay the way they were formed. Twirling, fancifully dancing like spiraling wisps of smoke, traipsing thru the magical skies that you painted for me, for yourself, for all of us who are blessed enough to read your words!

      Thank you for your comfort, for your kind and caring, for your friendship and for your love. Few things truly matter...and knowing that you share the sands of my beach, the magic of my forest, that we soar into and beyond our dreams...means the world to me, my friend. The world. Thank you, bright and beautiful spirit! You make the United States warmer for me:)

  2. Via a tin can and a string from Vava'u ... I swam in the ocean, meters from whales several days ago... One of them spoke to me.... And no, it is not Tongan wine speaking... What they said was about magic, but you probably figured that out... whale speak isn't that hard to learn, if you listen carefully.

    1. Ooh, I do hope you tell us all what they told you!! I have a giggly feeling inside that it has to do with the necessity of underwater laughing...and often, too! Hmmm...I wonder why...:)

  3. Brynne, each one of your posts is filled with magic. Your beautiful poetry serves to invoke the sweetest of visuals, while your words tantalize the senses. I can perfectly understand how your wishes double. It could only be so given your spirit of generosity, nobleness of spirit, and sweetness of essence. I leave here with a smile on my face, a sigh in my chest, and the smell of fresh air tickling my nose. Hugs for you, dear one! :)

    1. A smile on your face, a sigh in your chest, and the scent of fresh air tickling your nose...plus a bonus hug...see what I mean about the gifts multiplying when I share but one with you, my beautiful Bella? How blessed I am to have a friend like you, sweet soul. There is not a name in the world that could possibly describe you better, my friend....Bella Beautiful. Thank you, angel friend, for being such a special part of my one wild life:)