Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wish (8)

In the north of Denmark, far from the biggest cities but not far from the sea, lies an enchanted place deep within the Rold Skov called Troll Forest. But Troll Forest is not enchanted for everyone. It has been said that those who go there to hunt for trolls will never find what they are looking for. You see, trolls do not let themselves be seen until they are sure the seeker is looking with a kind man’s heart.
It’s the same thing that happens to Robin Williams (grown up Peter Pan) when he tries to see the food the Lost Boys are eating in the movie Hook. There is nothing for him to eat until he stops the thinking and judging in his head and begins to ‘see’ with a softer part of himself, the same place imagination dwells.

*          *          *
My Wednesday Wish for you?

To find (and enjoy!) that happy, imaginative part deep within yourself, that part that makes you say ‘ahhh’ and sometimes even makes you want to cry because you are completely safe there, completely understood there, completely loved whenever you go there. And if you haven’t been there in a while? Then here, let me gently remind you how to find your way:

1.  Take that invisible hand of yours and with closed eyes, let it journey inside yourself to that place where you feel most safe, most understood, and most loved. It is soft and squishy in this place, like your favorite grandma used to be, and while it’s the same inside everyone, each person’s special place has its own particular flavor. Yours might have a color or a scent or even a real flavor that you taste with your tongue. Use your senses (not your thinking mind) to discover all the feelings of your own special place.

2.  Once you have introduced yourself to your special place inside, take a deep breath into that space letting the air you take in stay as long as it wants, slowly letting it seep out your nose when it feels ready. Do this three times, each time watching your body relax more and more into yourself and into this special place. Inhabit it, know it as your home.

3.  Next time you are in traffic, in your boss’s office, or at home with the kids screaming, the dogs barking, and with no idea what to cook for dinner, go to your special place. Recall those first sensory impressions, remember your feelings of safety and love, and when you are ready, breathe in, filling that space with air, with life once again. Leave your head, soften your mind’s eye, and watch the gentle magic of life reappear--trolls, imaginary treats, giggles and all!

*For more information about the Rold Skov, the enchanted Troll Forest in Denmark, please read my dear friend Ole Wolf's wonderfully brilliant post here. The photo of the Troll Forest above was also taken by Ole.


  1. Thank you Brynne for sharing your wisdom and your beautiful soul with us. I will keep coming back to this site to soak in some of the positive energy that you are able to project with such elegance and confidence. Blessings!

  2. I am speechless, Gary. I am so very touched that you enjoy it here, that something I write speaks to you in such a positive way. Thank you from my heart for telling me so. Welcome, my new friend.:)

  3. How is it you know so many of my secrets? What you have described here is not simply an excersise in imagination. It's a way of life. With its use a person could walk through great turbulence of troubles yet remain untouched by it's ravages.
    That my soul has a sister, creates such a new landscape that my heart is giddy with anticipation.

  4. Yesterday i tried to comment and it kept being awkward - so - I love this.

    While doing this a song kept revolving in my head.
    I shall try to put it one here - if not - sorry.

    it won't work I fear...

  5. I don't know why I write you here, Sara...since I am sure you can feel my joy twirling in your heart... but maybe its because "With its use a person could walk thru great turbulence of troubles yet remain untouched by it's ravages" just had to be shared again. You are so right on. What I tried to describe above has helped me more times than I can possibly remember and is a very real wish I have for others. The inner creative world is one of the greatest joys of life and far too few know its plush seats as their own. You said it more elegantly than I ever could have. Thank you, Sara. Thank you so much.

  6. Nothing you say/write ever sounds awkward to me, Jo. I got the song...brought back smiling memories for me, too! I used to love the Monkeys!! SoOo glad you shared! It gives me such joy to hear how something so dear to me actually affected another human being in a positive way...and especially you, dear Jo. Thank you, my friend!:)

  7. Brynne, there's no better way to describe your posts than "they bring one in from the dark." Infused with magic, sprinkled with fairy dust, and filled with hope, they nurture your readers' souls and make them believe that anything is possible. Tonight I go to bed with a light heart and the wish that I will dream of trolls! :)

  8. I hope you had a beautiful sleep, dear Bella. And do you know that you always, always make this girlfriend smile? You do. Thank you:)

  9. I think that my special place is in a cave. I don't know why, but in my dreams I keep going back there!

  10. I love it, Muriel! A cave! How much more safe and sacred can you get?! Is it dark and damp or is there a candle flickering sometimes that lets you see what if anything is on the walls? Does it have a scent? Do you hear anything? I guess none of that matters, really...just that you feel safe and good there. Its really special that you can see it so well to know its a cave:) Thanks for sharing!