Friday, September 23, 2011

The Prize is Life

Perhaps this spoke to my heart more than most because I love to write, but then again, we are all artists in our own way. Some of us may just have an easier time honoring that artist within. But regardless, as Alice Walker so beautifully says, 'the prize is life'. It's not something out there that the world gives us. It's something within. So let us all live our lives as fully, as richly, and with as much heartfelt emotion as we can. And if for no one else, then for ourSelves.


  1. She is a full of grace, with joy in her eyes.

  2. Yes, Sara, I thought so too. And what a peace about her, no? Lovely lady.

  3. What an amazing lady - no wonder you were drawn to her - like attracts like. Maybe light attracts light I think. :)


    I got the lovliest word when I went to sign in here 'pinghank' - it should be a word - a real live out there written word

  4. Aw, Jo...what a beautiful compliment. But of course you, too, were drawn to her and felt her 'amazing'. We all have little bits of each other in ourselves, don't we? And the bit that is you in me, is filled with light and beauty.

    Maybe we oughta write a story with 'pinghank' to make it real!:) I love how it feels on my tongue!

  5. I think we should - combined - you and I - on and on into the 'pinghank' world.

    Part 1 - and I stole Mooska from Sara for our tale...

    Bindweed grew restless, the petals of her skirt leaving behind a trail as she meandered between the tangled garden roses. She heard the haunting melody as it danced over the dewdrops and went now in earnest forward, searching, parting the tall grasses that wavered over her head in the breeze. behind her she tucked her wings tightly together, their multicolours disappearing within the folds.

    “Meadow,'” she called. her voice bounced in harmony to the notes that were coming from Meadow’s reed pipes. As Bindweed pushed forward she saw a glimpse of Meadow’s red petal skirt. It made her smile. She knew without seeing that Meadow’s deep jade coloured wings would be spread wide, soaking in the dappled sunlight, and fluttering in time with the pipes tune.

    As she approached she saw that beside Meadow lay Mooska, blue belly up, head tilted so that his yellow eyes looked straight at her.

    “Pinghank, trr, trr, pinghank,” he greeted her.

  6. BTW...

    Brynne is Meadow Reedfly
    Jo Is Bindweed Rainbowfilter
    Sara is Feather Goblinfly

  7. I LOVE this and cant WAIT for more! Sara...are you going to do a bit, too?? I hope so! What FUNNN! I am putting my little girl to bed but will be you both! Flutter, flutter....:)

  8. Part 2 or Part 1+, not sure:

    ‘Wait a second, what did he say, Grandpa?’
    Grandpa closed the story on his thumb. ‘I thought you weren’t going to interrupt me anymore. This is a very important part, Squirt. And dragons don’t like to be interrupted.’
    The little boy hung his head, his hands sat folded in his lap, his feet buried in the down comforter on his bed. “Sorry, Grandpa but I haven’t ever heard a dragon make that kind of noise before.’
    ‘What? Never heard a dragon say pinghank before? Then I’m afraid you haven’t been reading the right books.’
    ‘I haven’t?’ said the little boy, his eyes sparkling even brighter than before.
    ‘Why of course not, otherwise you would know that any time a dragon is truly happy, he says pinghank. Not another word for it, world over.’
    ‘Yep, pinghank. But you have to say it almost like you are singing, as if you are happy. That’s the way the dragons say it, anyway.’
    ‘Like this? Pinghank!’
    ‘Perfect! Now can we get on with our story? Like I said, it’s a very important part and I think you’ll want to hear it before your mother comes in to tell us lights out.’
    ‘Oh yes, yes…hurry up then, Grandpa, hurry up…’

  9. ahem.. feather goblinfly here. pass that speaking stick. Im ready for the next vision. Im all a buzz, buzz, buzz. Where to fly to next? any takers?


  10. Jo...? John...? Or anyone else who caught the magic speaking us out! Meadow Reedfly's wings are getting tired!:)

  11. Okay Meadow Reedfly - time for Feather Goblinfly to take off for a jaunt i believe...

    Ohhhhhhh - I love this sooooooooooo much

  12. Bindweed walked towards Mooska, keeping her eyes on Meadow and listening to the sweet pipe notes, watching as they rose like mirrored bubbles into the trees. Some popped as they snagged on sharp branches, but most carried the tune to the stars, which Bindweed thought, was most appropriate. Reaching Mooska, she ran a gentle hand along his pebbled belly, yellow eyes closing as a deep rumble vibrated from his cavernous belly. Eyes close, he dreamed then, of clouds, swift currents, and the sky that was his realm.

    Meadow played on, but her lips behind the pipes quirked in warmth, as her eyes filled with stars and bright shiny things, sparkling with delight. Bindweed sat back against Mooska, picked a blossom from her petaled skirt and tucked it in her hair. Resting soft against his azure belly, her wings quivered unconsciously as the great dragon drew breath and sighed.

    Meadow lay her pipes down as the last notes left her heart, escaping past the holes in the pipe to spiral away, thankful for her gift of creation, but anxious to join their friends. Meadow sighed, laughed at the joy of the moment, then sighed again.

    "What could bring greater joy than sharing this beautiful meadow with such bright friends?"

    Bindweed slowly opened her eyes, for they had closed with the warmth of bright sun and the soft rumbles behind her. She said "surely there is no more beautiful time...." stopping abruptly, when she was startled by a cough then deep chuckle from the forest to her left. Scanning quick for danger, she started to rise, wings stretching when she caught site of him, lounging arrogantly against a tree. She settled back, anger quickly fading to annoyance, when she saw the smirk on his face.

    Blackthorn Deepwater was handsome, and much to others annoyance, he knew it. Though he never mentioned it, he made sure that no one forgot it. His arrogance was a tailored coat, that fit him true and fine. He was a rogue, and knew it, loved it actually. He longed to find the person who admired him as much as he did himself, but alas, he was oft alone in his admiration.

    "Ladies...." he said, drawing it out as he drew their attention to him. He ignored the dragon, for dragons were truth seers, and that was not a sword he wielded often.

  13. Oh my GOODNESS...I am HOOKED! Thank you, John!! I cant WAIT for more! Jo...? LOVE this!!!

  14. Brynne
    have made a post titled PINGHANK where we can keep adding as we all go along - handed the baton to Sara for part 4

    There are descriptiona of the parts played etc...

    any suggestions please...

  15. official post:

  16. To be continued...over there...hooooray!:)

  17. “The real joy is to have done it.” And as I’ve always said, it isn’t the destination, but the journey that counts. It’s knowing I’ve enjoyed every minute of the writing process, whatever form it may take. It’s knowing that there’s always that one thing I can do well, and love each swirl of letter or stroke of key while I'm at it ;-)

  18. I want to twirl amidst your words..or is it your feelings that I want to twirl in? JOY! Thank you, Debra!:)