Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thank you, Marilee!

Yesterday morning I found the most beautiful rock sitting like a lost puppy on my stoop. I opened my heavy wooden door and just like that, there it was. A gift from—who? It couldn’t have fallen there and I didn’t think it was a ‘this-looks-fun-to-throw’ type either. And besides, the little boy who used to throw rocks at my house had moved away. So where did it come from? How did it find its way to me? Was it magic? Of course it was magic!

Marilee lives beyond two walls and past a dirt field from me. She has a dog, a boyfriend with the biggest dreadlocks I have ever met, and a voice that sounds like honey. Every time I see her I feel a little flicker inside my heart. I know its because she is pure kindness, that just like her voice, she’s as close to honey as a person can get. So when I saw that beautiful rock on my stoop, I just knew it had to come from her.

Ya, hon?
Was it you?
Me, what?
Did you give me the pretty rock?
(laughter) (smiles)
I found it today at a new beach and thought you might like it, so I brought it back for you.

They say we create our worlds. That what we decide, is. In other words, whatever world we envision, is the very world we live in. If I think people are mean, they will be mean. If I think people are kind, they will be kind. If I think the world is filled with beauty and magic, then it will be filled with beauty and magic.

When Marilee read my blog, she saw that I believed in magic (and that I liked rocks). She could have laughed (well, maybe she did), or she could have shuffled me off to the side, another freak to be avoided, but she didn’t. She listened. She ingested. She heard my heart, saw the world I believed to be true. And…best of all…perhaps without even thinking, she instinctively wanted to support my vision of the world. Why else did she see a pretty rock and bring it home for me? Because life is magic? Because life IS magic. Wanna join us?


  1. love to read your post, follow you :)

  2. awesomeness!(i support the magic.) - marilee

  3. Hi Made! I love having you here!! Thank you for commenting and for being a part of the magic with me! A squish, just for you:)

  4. Marilee!!! YAY! AWESOMENESS...great word!! See what I mean...she is pure kindness:)

    I will post a picture of the famed rock on my facebook fan page...and maybe even Marilee if she'll let me! Stay tuned!

  5. Brynne, it is indeed a magical world when we have lovely people like Marilee who get us. A rock is not just a rock. It makes for a symbol of solidarity, of giving, and of sharing. I think that's what you mean when you talk of magic; that we bring magic into our lives when we dare to open ourselves to the world and to others. We can bring good things into our lives by focusing on the positive; on the good instead of the bad. Just this afternoon I was telling the Significant Other that I want us to work on a vision board. We've always dreamed of moving to the Tuscan Region in Italy and I said to him, "Why do we have to wait until retirement to make this a reality? Who says we can't will ourselves into a little house with a humongous terrace that overlooks olive trees? Olive trees that will provide us with the olive oil that we will make with our own hands? Who says we have to wait to drink espresso and to eat parma ham and tomatoes? Get me those Tuscan region brochures tomorrow! We're making this happen now!" What do you think, Brynne? Do we stand a chance at creating the necessary magic that is required to pull off this dream? :)

  6. bella - if you dream it... you will be it!
    that is how i came to be in mexico. a dream of something beautiful, warm and wonderful! follow it and do it. you will not regret it.

    brynne - i found an empty beer bottle on my stoop. was that from you? ha ha ha. that is the magic i seem to create. humor!!! (wish it would have been a full one.) - marilee

  7. BELLLLLAA!!! Tuscany here you COME!!!! Can I come visit???!!! You dont even know the start of how much I love Italy!!! Hoooray!! Now you know your dream must come true for more than just you! Let us ALL know how we can help!! Really!!! YAYYY!!

    Marilee...!!!!!!!!!DYING with laughter!!! HAHAHAHA! You are soOOo funny! I love the part about it being a full one, especially! It was someone who was listening but not quite all the way, huh?? FUNNNY!!! I couldnt have a better, more spirited, FUN neighbor!! YAYY squared!!

    LOVE you BOTH!:)

  8. More than 55 years after I first picked it up, a small smooth "magic" rock still sits in my jewelry box. And it still has the power to make me smile.

  9. Your neighbor sounds like such a delight. I enjoyed reading your post today. It IS magic. Thank you for being you.

  10. Your memories stretch deep into your heart, dear Susan. I am soOo happy for you that you are able to keep magic alive for 55 years! We can all learn from you!

  11. She *is* a delight, midaevalmaiden! Glad you think its magic too, and soOo good to hear from you! Thank you for being here and sharing.

  12. Oh Brynne,

    How blessed you are. That you have such a friend and neighbour. She can see the magic in the rock, the magic in the giving, and the magic in you.


  13. My sweet neighbor Marilee teaches us all, doesn't she, Jo? Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts. Maybe someday you will be a neighbor to both of us?! I will wish--:)