Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simple Living

I have a basket on my table. It's filled with rocks. I counted fifteen but I have a hunch there are a few more scattered around the house. Sofia likes them too. She’s three.

Each rock made its way into the basket for a reason. A reason that is particular to each one. A few caught my eye. One caught my toe. Others seemed to just plop! right into the middle of my path. So I picked them up. I felt them—their smooth ridges, their bumpy skins. I looked at them—their mottled colors, their moody shapes. And when I felt a smile bubble up inside me, I took them home. To live in the basket.

And then, word-lover that I am, I gave them names. Not just any old names. Names that suited them. With words that suited me. And I wrote those names on them with a permanent pen.


I have a basket on my table. It's filled with rocks. Rocks with words. Together they make my day just a little bit more beautiful.


  1. This is so beautiful and inspiring. It reminds me of something that happened this weekend. I was sitting outside with my 3-year-old, Sophie, and she started collecting a bunch of rocks she thought looked cool. She said it was for the rock festival. Then she lined them all up and looked at them together. Love these simple moments that teach us so much. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog today!

  2. Sounds like Sofia and Sophie need to meet! Of course I'd love to meet you, too, Leah!
    I love the idea of a rock festival! We don't have very many 'everyday' festivals celebrating the simple joys of life, do we?! I think I shall invent a few more! Wanna with me?! Thanks for sharing, Leah! Glad to have you here!