Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shhhh...its a Secret

I have a secret. And I want to share it with you. Don’t worry. It will still be a secret even if I tell you. I am sure of it. It’s so secret-ish that you’ll want to keep it secret too.

Ok, here it goes….

I have a fairy godmother. And she is real. This time the magic isn’t just in my imagination. Promise. Her name is Lissa. She is older and much wiser than me. And this is her story.

Lissa grew up the only daughter of a gypsy family. Both her parents were artists, Americans who traveled the world and they took Lissa along. A few times in there she was left alone to fend for herself. Once she lived for two years on a European island. She learned to sense when anyone or anything was within two miles of her, sensing their presence like the goddesses you once read about in your fairy tales. Villagers would sometimes leave her flour so she could make bread but the rest of the time she lived off the fat of the land. Alone. While she lived there she learned to make noises like a horse, to communicate with them so well that later in her childhood she was invited to speak horse on the radio and to be the center of a parade.

When she was 13 she saw what working and the thirst for money did to people and she decided then and there never to work. So she didn’t. She sculpted. She painted. She twirled and laughed, and made love and joy. And she never had a job her whole life. Today she owns land in two countries, has two beautiful homes in Mexico, and her two grown children already have children of their own.

And did I tell you that she is my fairy godmother? She came over to visit one day after I moved into my magic casita.

            “Brynne,” she said. “Do you have a fairy godmother?”
            “No,” I said, “but I have always wanted one.”
            “Well,” she said, “I’d like to offer my services. Can I be your fairy godmother?”
            “Yes,” I said thru giggles, “I’d like that very much.”

I highly recommend that you find one, too. Either that or be one for someone else, yourself. It’s a nice part of my life. A really, really nice part. If you could be me for a day, I think you’d agree.


  1. You're so lucky to have met such a fascinating individual. Our relationships with people are the real magic in our lives. :)

  2. And it is people like you, Samantha, who see the magic in others...:) What a gift!!

  3. How wonderful! We could all use a fairy godmother, or at least, someone to throw an occasional bit of fairy dust into our lives.

  4. I agree, Susan! It can only make life a bit more fun and who doesn't need a bit more fun?!

  5. I love this! And thanks for the occasional faerie dust you send my way, B! xo

  6. Flitter....flutter...come fly with me, Erika?!:)