Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Wish (119); Find Your Dream Space

photo by benjamin von wong via
I found it today. Along the winding road and beside the sea, it began its call to me. At first it was silent, a little nudge, that’s all. And then, after my deep breath and my daring to set my worries free, I began to open up. Not to the have-to’s or the should-do’s or even the might-do’s or the better-do’s, nope. Not to any of those do’s at all. At that moment, and with that deep breath, I let go of all requirements and nestled back into Me.

It started with a garden that drew me in. Blue scabiosa, fluff-white peonies, a cluster of lupines and a butterfly dancing from one delectable treat to the next. I lifted my foot off the gas. I moved it to the brake. And when the next street sign came, I put my blinker on and turned.

The road meandered like a stream, showing me bits of beauty but not all at once, tempting me with the scent of mock orange or was it lilac, mixed with the brine of the sea. The lush green spilled out into the road. A chipmunk skittered out of my way. And a red cardinal stopped to watch on the top of a weathered pine fence.

By the time I reached the end of the road, I was smiling. I knew without knowing in my head, that this was exactly where I was meant to be, that this was exactly where I didn’t know I longed to be.

They were stacked like bunk beds, one above another, the kayaks, the canoes, the rafts and the row boats, each one inviting a different state of heart, each one waiting to be taken out to sea. And further on, past the row of evergreens where the water opened up into the sea, I found the sailboats. And when I did, I nestled even deeper into me. I had found a place where I felt safe and free. I had found my dream space, that place that invited me to be more Me.

*          *          *

Your dream space is always near, always beckoning, begging you to hear its silent call. You can’t hear it when your head is filled with have-to’s or should-be’s. You can’t see it if your thoughts are racing. You wont even notice it until you stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and move from Do-ing to Be-ing. Being where you are. Being where your deeper Self wants you to be. Being where you didn’t know you longed to be.

No need to till the soil or to even plant the seeds. It’s all right there already, waiting for you whether you do anything or not. So why not breathe out? Why not nestle in? Why not return to the gentle wonder that you are at your core? For your dream space awaits… every day of every moment of your one unique life.


  1. The power of breath to transform us on all levels is electrifying. The challenge it seems, is to continually remind our Self of this fact. The more we breath into this " vehicle " we have been blessed with, the less we need to depend on things and external vehicles to make our way Home :). Superb reminder, Thanks !

    1. And what a gift that you, Tim, dared to remind us all of the power of One Deep Breath. Thank you, soo much, bright spirit. So right...our breath brings us home:)