Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wednesday Wish (72); Lighten Your Darkness

Peacock Eye
photo by diego camejo via flickr

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
 -- Rumi

He sat in his favorite office chair, the green leather one with the cushy folds, every part of him, cradled. His body was happy. His spirit soaked in coveted peace. And his eyes, they were closed, as if to let it all steep.

The phone on the table beeped. An email. Something good no doubt, it’s that kind of day. So he lifted his head and reached out to confirm. And before he could stop himself, he read it all.


Alas his body, his spirit, his energy, began to change.

She didn’t speak, she only shared her written words. On a glowing, computerized screen. But written words with a history behind them, a tone infused into them, an energy of their own rooted in something less than love, something forgetting love, something filled with pain. And meant for him. Thrown at him.

He was open. Wide open and raw. So he felt it, took it, like a blow to the gut. Soon it began to steam inside him, a pressure with no valve. His body turned tight, his fists into hard round balls. His eyes grew smaller, his face grew harder. He clenched his jaw and righted his shoulders back to where they belonged. He stopped being open. He stopped being raw. His armor was back into place and he was ready for battle.

But then
Something happened.

He saw himself. He watched himself. And he didn’t like what he was. So he took a deep breath, and decided

To transform the darkness
Into Light.

He went to the kitchen, brewed up some special coffee and poured it into two of his favorite mugs. The sun was barely up. Surely they didn’t have time to make it yet for themselves. So he would bring it to them. He felt a tear trickle down his cheek. He had broken something inside. A damn. A steel encasement. The armor around his heart.

The darkness will not win.
Not today.
Not inside me.
For I am love
And love,
Is me.

They thanked him. For the coffee. And yet another layer peeled off away. Their eyes smiled with Light. Light borne of darkness, transformed by a love-filled heart.

*          *          *

My Wish this week is that you will remember your power to transform darkness into Light. In any circumstance, at any moment. When our hearts are open, we receive wounds. But those wounds don’t have to hurt us if we can remember their gift of opening us to the Light. It is easy to feel good when everything is gentle and kind. But to find the Light in the darkness, to let our wounds open us even wider, is a choice, a gift we can give to ourselves. With a little practice and a deeper love for one’s Self, wounds are then merely opportunities .... to be the Light at our core.


  1. Beautiful words, Brynne... I saw a couple different things in the post, but they all led to the same place - choosing light over the darkness. Opening up to let that light heal wounds. It was a choice the man made. In parallel, a physical wound sealed up, closed up with bandages will take a lot longer to heal than one left open and breathing. Your post hits home and is relevant in so many ways. We all have a choice.

    1. Love the thought of a physical wound healing better when left open! Nice!
      Isn't it wild to think that emotional wounds only arise in places where we need healing? As in, our wounds are also our ticket to health? When we tune in to ourselves, as you obviously do and inspire me to further, we start to discover all sorts of new and exciting things!
      Thank you, John!

  2. It's hard to comment on this, except to agree and say thanks. So, I agree! And thanks. Hmm... A broken bone frequently heals stronger than the limb was in the first place. Never thought about the heart doing something like that and how it might heal... Thank you...

    1. Wow...didn't know a broken bone frequently heals stronger than it was...love that, Michael! Maybe the heart is actually a bone. Ha! Just kidding! Thanks for the smiles!!

  3. As I read this , I could not but connect with the events in my own life and the wounds that still abide in me. I too need to make the choice to not let these wounds to bleed out but to learn from them and make the effort to continue to move forward into the light of love that exists all around us if i do not let the pain of these wounds blind me to what is still possible.

    1. I hear you, Izzy...you aren't alone. I think we all struggle with similar feelings. I also think, sometimes, we forget to walk into the fire, to really feel the pain and then to walk thru it to the other side. All too often, we walk around the pain, or stay stick in it...and neglect to really feel it to its core so it can pass through us--on its own, without forcing it. Somehow my biggest nuggets of growth have been in really feeling the pain, letting it wash over me like a waterfall, then finding my way thru it..many times re-writing things in a way I would have preferred. But before I could re-write it, I had to really love and honor myself. You are beautiful, dear soul. And I know...KNOW...you are pure love. Now you just have to really know that, yourself. Thank you soooo much for sharing!!

  4. Magnificent and touching post. Love all the comments too:) Choices, to be not just aware, but to have Self awareness. Wounds really do heal us if we let them. A few trickle tears for me after that!! Thank you for choosing to post such a heartfelt reflection.

    1. Thank you for choosing to share your open heart with all of us and for reminding me that yes...wounds really do have the power to heal us if we just let them. Always a pleasure to find you here, dear soul..and to read your thoughtful, heartfelt words. Thank you.

  5. lovely. lyrical. i am the light. thank you for reminding me. peaceout.

    1. You *are* the Light. Even when it doesn't feel like it, all it takes is a change of heart. Thank you for being here with me, with us. You grew at least one new smile. :)

  6. Love, love, love this one dear Brynne. From the title, to the image to Rumi. Your words just took it over the top and opened the vistas beyond the mountain. Thank you! :-)

    1. You are so very very kind, dear pea berry John:) That happy feeling is overjoyed to be twirling inside me again...that happy feeling called my pea-berry John connection:) Thank you for visiting, my friend!