Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wish (58); I Am Love And Love is Me

We left early, just as the sun began to peek its head above the banana leaves. Little girl’s eyes were barely open as I buckled her into her car seat, her bears and dollies and books cradling her every side.
            “Yes, baby?”
            “Uh huh, we’re going to a new home now, far far away. Close your eyes now baby, go to sleep. Mommy will take care of you.”
            She smiled and held her bear tight.

The tires grumble over the cobblestones of my Sayulita home. I wave to store owners sweeping the sidewalk, to early risers waiting for rides to work, and with a deep breath, I breathe in the scent of the sea, of frying meats, of eggs—awaiting. My windows are open to take it all in. I don’t want to miss a thing.

The wind from my Mexican sea licks my tears. It sets me free.

Soon we rise up into the winding jungle hills, the birds and wildflowers giving smile but no more than my favorite roadside altar…candles lit for loved ones, for dreams past and future, for hope and love and peace. They all live there, oozing from its seams. I feel the magnificent beauty. And you can too…if you look, then close your eyes, to ‘see’. 

Construction workers smile and wave...

the landscape reaches in and cradles my heart…

I feel love around me, all around me. I am love and love is me.

Sugar cane.

A town called Tepic.

And back on a toll road toward Mazatlan.

I remember the news, the stories…the fears:

            “Lots of drug wars there, Brynne. Aren’t you afraid?”
            “I would never take my child on such a trip.”
            “People are killed there every day. Why drive? Fly.”
            “Are you crazy?”

My body tenses. My eyes harden. Until I realize that the poison has started to course through my veins. I breathe it out. Loosen its hold. And find my peace, that place where I am love, pure love, and love is me. And just as I do, I see men with machine guns, flagging me down.

            “My friends and family in the United States think you Mexicans are going to hurt me, that bandidos will kill me and my daughter. They said I was crazy to drive all this way. But you know what I told them? That I had angels protecting me and that even if I saw men with guns, I would find their hearts and connect with them there. I told them that Mexicans are good people, that the news makes things look much worse than it is.

            By now they were nodding in agreement with me. I was being heard, really heard. And I felt no fear. I was being love and love was returning to me.

            “I would like to show my friends in the United States that even if you have guns, you still have hearts, and not little hearts, either. Big hearts. Hearts that truly care. I want to show them what good people you really are. May I?”

            “Yes, yes. We would like that. Tell them that we are here to protect. Not to hurt. We are good people, not like the news says. Tell them, please.”

I leave exhilarated. No poison fear in me. 
Just love. 
I am love and love is me.

*          *          *

I pass beautiful scenes so few will ever see.

Fields and forests and bits of the sea. 

I meet people in toll booths, connect with their hearts and each time I drive away, I feel my heart grow. 

Mexico is heart-centered. 
Colorful and kind. 

She feeds me in ways my birthplace has not. She opens doors and secret passageways to hidden rooms in my soul. She is simple and genuine and perhaps more authentic than any land I have ever known. Driving her roads, a mother and my precious child, I bathe in her magic as I bid my temporary goodbyes.

I am love and love is me.

Just as you are love and you.

*          *          *


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    1. Does anyone else know about this? Is it a scam or for reals? Thank you for inviting me if you are for real:)

  2. Beautiful, Brynne!! I'm so happy you had such a sweet and heart-warming drive back...I never doubted it would be like that for you!
    xoxo Shelley

    1. Thank you, dear Shelley...for believing in me and for sharing your love.:) I hug you back, dear soul.

  3. Wow, Brynne! You captured the essence in words AND photos! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing; maybe one sweet, love-centered story at a time we can change perceptions and help others be open to the myriad of beautiful experiences available on this planet!

    1. Thank you, Bob!:) We are each, just one, but together...we can change perceptions and spread love...and even in the darkest of places:) Your words warm me from the inside out. Hugs!

  4. What a wonderful journey. As life should Be. We should all embrace love much more, it really does help to "See".
    Thanks beyond words for being such an inspiration and helping me remove the poison from my veins!!

    1. take the time to let our hearts 'see', to watch the poison leave our veins, and to twirl with our like-hearted friends:) Yayy! Thank *you*, beautiful soul!

  5. This posting really helped me with some of the fear that has crept in since coming to Mexico less than a week ago... Too many months in the U.S., dealing with elections. I caught the bug, had the fever but this lovely post (pun intended) is working as an antidote to that poison. Angels all around us, indeed.

    1. give soo much through your writing, I am just glad that I can help even a tiny bit with freeing your beautiful spirit. Transitioning from the US to Mexico or back again takes time for sensitives like us. Please be gentle with yourself, my friend. And the sea....our Mexican sea...remember what Karen Blixen said? The cure for anything is salt water...sweat, tears, or the sea. :) You are beautiful.

  6. Brynne, my friend, indeed you are love and love is you! What a beautiful tribute to your adoptive country! I have fallen in love with the bursts of color, the glimpses of nature in your shots, and the smiles of such warm people! How could you not love where you live? I'm afraid that many Americans fear that which they don't know. If only we could find it in our hearts to not judge or stereotype without fully knowing what a country or its people are like. Now that would be a wonderful thing! I love your photos so much! Hugs to you from Roxy and me!

    1. Thank you, my dear, dear beautiful Bella. You are soo right. We are all afraid of what we do not know...we just have to remind ourselves to walk thru those fears, don't you think? The more I do it, the easier it becomes but its still something I have to work on every single day. You know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US...and Bella? I am thankful for you:) Love you, dear soul.

  7. Dear Brynne,
    Angels indeed guided me here to find what I needed at this moment more than any of late...your words and 'love' to drive the poison from my heart.
    Thank you

    1. Dear, dear Jo,
      No poison is meant for that beautiful heart of yours. Not ever. You are one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever known. Dont you dare forget that, my Jo. Not ever.
      Thank you for always sharing your Self with me. With all of us.

  8. This is such a beautiful post, it took my breath away. Such a lovely example of getting over fear and replacing it with love instead. It can so be done! The beauty is incredible when we open ourselves up to it. You are beautiful!

    1. Its true, " can *so* be done" in any bit of life that we choose. How utterly liberating, no?!! Thank you for letting my words touch you just as your words have touched me. Happy Thanksgiving, beautiful Jodi:)

  9. Hi! Brynne, this is an amazing blog. I am happy to know that you are full of love and you were able to share this to others on your journey. I also feel the love you are spreading through this blog. Hope there are lot more we can read.

    1. Fernando! I am soOo happy you came by for a visit! You were soo kind to me and I am soo glad I could give you a little love in return. Thank you for brightening up a not so bright situation with comcast and for taking the time to share your words and yourSelf here. You grew a new smile inside me! :)