Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Wish (47)

photo by dolfi via Flickr

He walked slowly with no destination, his feet taking him for a ride. Or was it his nose? Or his ears? Or his eyes? For his senses were certainly awake.

When she saw him, her hand reached for her daughter’s to pull her away, leading them both to the car with whispers paving their way.

When a woman on her power walk saw him, she u-turned around. And made a phone call while looking back behind her, her eyes aflame with piercing fear.

A dog walking his owner saw him then too, and lept over to share a good sniff. But when our friend reached down to pat the sweet dog, his owner pulled his leash away.

I watched. And while I understood….I also, understood.

He probably hadn’t had a shower in a few days and his jeans were smudged with dirt. His shirt barely covered his belly, he wasn’t clean-shaven, and he walked a lot slower than anyone else around. He noticed the trees. He shuddered with the breeze. He raised his nose to take in scents and lowered his head to see what his feet had found. His fingers trilled the air. His eyes explored, and while his presence gave most fear, it gave me tenderness. He was highly sensitive and had battles with his mind. Didn't he need love just as much as the rest of us?

A dandelion. The color was perfect. Somehow I knew he’d like yellow.

So I picked it.
For him.
No words,
just a smile
And my arm outstretched
with a flower.

He sat down with his back against a tree and smiled at his flower, his eyes watering with happy. We nodded our heads and as I turned to leave he shared a 'thank you'.  'Of course', I said, my heart alive with tenderness--his gift of love to me.

*          *          *

We all need love.

How will you share your love this week?


  1. Stunning and beautiful act of kindness and Love.
    What an inspiration you are!!
    I recall a time not long ago when a stranger offered so much more to me. I will never forget. It has changed my life forever in a wonderfully great way.

    Thank you!!

    1. beautiful soul...what you don't know is that you have given me far more than I could ever give you:)
      thank you, from my heart.

  2. what an amazing person you are Brynne
    to see the person behind the rest takes something special but you do it every time
    you are such a gift to me and to others
    thank you for your existence

    1. Oh very very kind of you. If you only knew the gift you are to me in my life...goodness, we might just weep together at all the lovely:)

  3. Brynne, du skriver så smukt. Jeg savner dig!

    Birgitte Dreyer

    1. Mange tak for det, kaere sos...og jeg savner ogsa dig utroligt meget! Haber du har det godt, beautiful pige...jeg vil skiv mere pa email...
      knus og kram:)

  4. To really see a person is a gift, which, Brynne certainly has. To act on that vision takes a courage I don't always have. Next time I 'see' like that, I will try to conquer my fear... Thank you for reminding...

    1. dear, dear Michael...we all have that gift...its just having the courage, as you say, to honor what we feel on the deeper levels within ourselves. And I think that just takes practice and a willingness to live a life of greater vulnerability, dont you?
      hugs and happies, dear friend! Always love your words...

  5. When I grow up, (OK, that's not going to happen, but if It did) I'd want to be just like you. ;-)

    It is an interesting observation, that you often have to disconnect from the world to truly see it. The man no longer conforms or adheres to what society expects of its citizens, and thus is a pariah in many eyes. Yet.... that separation allows him to see the world for what it is, and not the buildings and business we think it is. Or, perchance, did that ability to see come first, and thus the cares and concerns of the world were dropped from his life, leaving what many consider to be a 'homeless' man. What man is homeless, who sees the world as it is, is a part of that world, and cares not for the physical norms of society. I think he has found his home, and was grateful, as am I, that you had the strength and courage to visit him in his world. Thank you Brynne. :-)

    1. John? You give me such happy when I read you. First of make me smile, then you make me think, then you make me reflect, then I need a piece of chocolate or a smidgen of cake and before I know it, I'm at the whole routine all over again....fatter with every round...and even better....happier! Ooh...and let me not forget to tell you that you inspire me. You were a big part of my next post, my friend. Thank you, she says through her chocolate cake-lipped smile.