Saturday, May 12, 2012

Missing My Mexico...

I wiggle my toes under my sheets. They tickle me with secrets, whispering that they don’t want to sleep. They are warm, eager, sensuous….needing to feel the earth. So I listen and slip outside into the darkness, my toes my eyes, my heart my guide.

The stone pathway is warm, humid from the afternoon rain. I stop to lift my nose, to breathe in the scent of the sea mixed with white flowers and heat-- heat to melt. It finds places to seep in, to infiltrate my skin, my being. I relax my shoulders, my neck, my spine turns from stiff to soft and pliable. I’m a noodle with a smile. I like what the humid night air of my Mexico does to me.

I want the soil, the soft wetness of the earth. So I let my heart guide me, my toes first finding a tuft of mint, the flavors finding my nose, spiking the air into dancing prickles. Can eyes sparkle in the darkness? Yes, I am sure they can. I feel them sparkle, lit from within. I am more alive than I have been all day, here in the darkness of my Mexican night.

Another step and I find the ethereal wetness of the soil. I stop, absorbed by the arms of the earth, letting my body sway—sink, float—sail into the depths of something I cannot name. I ride like an unattached cloud, the earth’s whim my only direction…taken by its sensuous call…

I forget time
I am only feeling
Riding the magic carpet laid out by the light of my Mexican Moon
My toes are happy
They have shown me what they desired
Given me what I couldn’t know
Could only feel
A taste of earth’s
secret passion
sails me off,
alive and…
*          *         *


  1. Brynne, the Son has finally finished his classes for this semester and I've regained my laptop during the day again! Whew! I'm playing catch up with all my favorite blogs, yours included, of course! Gosh, how I yearn to sink my toes in Mexico's beautiful soil! But who wouldn't after that beautiful description of yours? I loved this whimsical post that served to activate all of my senses! I could see the lovely moon, smell the earth, taste the sweet night air, and feel the wet soil! Hugs for you, sweet lady! :)

    1. BELLA!! I have missed you! SoOo happy you have your laptop back in your sweet little hands! Soo glad you came by for a visit, too...wish I could offer you some crumpets and tea, or yet... a margarita and some hot chips! I will be by your blog soon, too! Like I said..I've missed you!! Happy week, lovely Mama!

  2. The best part about writing from the heart, you make me miss Mexico also. I journeyed with you on this one, soaking my toes next to yours, feeling the same warmth under my soles, the scent as strong to me as you. Even now, I see your eyes sparkle from here. :-)

    1. The best part about reading with your heart is how easily you connect with other hearts, my friend:) Thank you for walking with me. In my world, magical walks are meant to be shared...with open heart friends:) hugs...cant wait to see you in just a few months!