Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Wish (36)

Its late at night on a Tuesday. Everyone has gone to sleep. Everyone, except me. The stars twinkle, the flowers have closed their blooms, no birds sing, even the ocean sounds quieter. And the crickets? I’m sure they are just talking in their sleep, aren’t you?

I check in with my belly…is she hungry? Well, always, but does she want to eat something? Nope. Ok. And so maybe my head does ache a little bit, but not enough to keep me this wide awake. So I decide to get up, to get my computer, and to write—you.

Did you know that I always dreamed of a life that would sweep me away with magic and mystery? The kind that would surprise me with nuggets of joy, with morsels of riches so beautiful my hand would often cover my mouth or touch my heart. I did. And did you know I dreamed of faces with soft eyes and warm hands, of gently spoken words and laughter that bubbled out like honey? And what about the dreams I had of foreign lands and intriguing scents, of sights that would make me blink….and blink….and blink again, unable to take in so much color and beauty all at once. Did you know about those? Oh, dear friend of mine, you see, I dreamed up stories and imagined feelings all my life. And then one day when I was older, I saw my guardian angel and asked her to help me even more…

To find joy in the little things
To invite peace into my heart.
To breathe my present moments into my soul
To taste the depths of love and
To ooze it out like scented air…

To travel this grand and beautiful world
Connecting with people
With faces very different than my own
And to open my heart up
For angels in my everyday to set up
Where they’d plant flowers
To bloom,

So tonight, when everyone has gone to sleep, I find comfort in writing you, in taking to you of my dreams. I know you are listening because I can feel your open heart. I know you care because I can sense your soul. And I now know why I couldn’t sleep. Because I needed comfort, needed kindness, needed you to help me see that where I am going is a path well lit, a path that is in alignment with all that I have ever dreamt, my entire life.

*          *          *

What did you dream of when you were young? What made your eyes sparkle and your belly do a happy little twist? If it’s hard to remember, breathe in your wish to see, and breathe out those ornery fears…as you drive, as you shower, as you wash dishes or do mindless work. Occupy the left side of your brain to let the right side bring you back….to those sacred moments when you dreamed your future alive. What did you imagine for yourself? What made you smile when you did? Feel those dreams, wont you now? And then begin --with me, tonight, today-- to inch a little bit toward them, no matter how hard it may seem. Fly with me, let your dreams come alive again, let your life begin anew….


  1. When I was young, I dreamed often that I could fly. And then as an adult, I have had that dream again, sometimes wondering when I awake if it was a dream at all. Reading this, I wonder again. Perhaps I'll nap this afternoon and see.

    1. Well, of course you can fly, Michael. Its just a question of which wings you will use:)

  2. Not sure if this counts, but in my nap this afternoon I was high on a mountaintop ledge and slid right to the edge of chasm but didn't fall. Perhaps I should have let myself go and I would have flown...Gulp...

    1. If you were to rewrite your dream, is that something that would feel right to you? To jump and fly? If so, then maybe its a message from your subconscious Self, your deeper Self, that you need to apply the same trust in your wings to some aspect of your waking life:) What FUN!!!

  3. I love dreams. :-) I love them so much, I even dream when I'm awake. I don't remember my early dreams, but I don't feel the loss. As now, I know they would be filled with wonder, beauty and interesting people, known and unknown. I often wake from dreams, and think, wow, that was so cool, then fall back to sleep hoping to revisit it.

    One thing I've noticed about my dreams of late, I can often tell I'm dreaming because I can't get to a particular place or accomplish some task. I always make progress, and I'm always enjoying the experience, but I can remember many times when I've been dreaming, and though I knew what I wanted to accomplish and was having fun, I never actually achieved the goal. I remember thinking quite clearly during my dreams, "this doesn't seem to be working out, I must be dreaming". It makes me laugh when I wake up and realize I knew I was dreaming while dreaming.

    1. I always love your comments, John, and this time, I especially love what you discovered about your dreams versus your waking life....and wonder if its true for most all of us! Don't we often think its about reaching goals when many times our dreams tell us to simply enjoy the ride?:) I love peeling back layer upon layer to find the layers beneath the layers, exposing our deeper Selves, the Selves that just enjoy... being.

  4. Hi Brynne, I really enjoy your blog, it makes me feel like I've just finished a really good Indian meal or a stew with the perfect quantity of green chili...not so much that it hurt, but enough to leave me with a warm feeling...a glowing belly. My dreams as a child are lost to years of heartache, but my dreams as a teen and young adult were primarily of being wildly successful, loved by all and the object of people's subtle envy. It has taken many years to grow out of that (mostly) and parenting three children, but today, I want mostly to make a difference. To leave this world a better place, so my kids can lead inspired and beautiful lives.
    thanks, Mike Adams

    1. Thank you so much, Michael. Every time I read you here or on your blog, I smile and nod. Your inner Self comes thru so clearly. What a gift you are. You are already making the world a better place, my friend. And for more lives than I am sure you realize.

  5. I have night and day dreams or being a REALLY REALLY famous internationally known singer. I have received 2 offers and have done a concert playing my song on the piano while singing! I got and offer from a famous music producer in NYC sonewhere and from the music settlement in Cleveland OH.