Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wish (27)

When your heart is still
And your mind runs rabid
When the cold reaches in
And the warmth leaches out
Will you shut down?
Close the shades and lock the doors?
Or will you open the windows
To let the breeze
Ruffle your drapes
And flutter your skirts
As you forgot it could.
Will you ignore the urge to kiss
Or welcome the pain
That may follow
To let the cold win
Or to have hope that
The scent of a flower
Will outwarm
Your ice.

Has a secret
Its petals
Are soft
Its gifts are real
And butterscotch.


  1. Replies
    1. you are yourself. As you are yourSelf. Thank you.:)

  2. The imagery, Brynne, and the sensations... Love. xoox

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Makes me feel good inside that you see the feel to the words, that some part of you is here/there with me. Always makes me happy to find you here, angel Ellen.:)

  3. To live, though there be pain in the doing, to love, though the heart may be sundered, to breath, though the breath may be taken from you, to clutch a flower and bring it to your senses, though the thorns may bite deep.... yes, with all my heart yes, for what is spirit without choice, what is love without pain. With every inhalation of love comes the exhalation of pain, for such is life. I am.. grateful.. for a life filled with love, beauty and words like yours. I am rich beyond comprehension, yet no bank would know this wealth.

    1. I take so long to reply to you, John because you speak my language. All the feelings that you summon in me get stuck inside twirling about, and cant find their places for a little while. I love what you write feed me in beautiful new ways, my friend. Thank you! Thank you for all your lovely gifts!

  4. Oh sweet Brynne, your comments are always welcomed with joy, but there is never a need to respond. They are simply my gift to you, giving thanks for who you are and the gifts you give to so many.

    1. The need to respond is within me, dear heart speaks and begs for me to type, share, love. Your kindness isnt a free floating cloud but an eternal thread sharing an intricate weave with us all. Today you are a brilliant blue and I am a tender leaf green...

  5. Brynne, you make me smile. Always. With every word, with every image your writing invokes, I feel the world is a good place. That is can be a good place. I want to forever see the world as you do, friend. I want to feel the harmony and peace that you project. It must be wonderful! :)

    1. All you have to do, dear Bella, is believe. Your heart will take care of the rest. I stumble all the time but I redirect to my heart, to the life i want to lead, the things i want to see, and once again, I am on the path I believe in. Come with me, my friend, take my hand...I'd love to walk more of this path together....

  6. I make a mistake. Here I go again...
    This is perfect for this week. Just perfect.
    I’ll open the windows and let the breeze in.
    That’s what I’ll do.
    Thank you dear friend!

    1. Your comments always give me joy, dear Debra...come back wish will be awaiting you, dear friend:) p.s. on the back of the breeze I wish i could come play with you!!

  7. Replies
    1. ...and I love You, You, dear Mimi:)