Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Wish (18) BONUS WEEK!

Have you ever seen one of these? This one is in the parking lot at the Puerto Vallarta Costco. But it’s not just at the PV Costco, symbols like the one above are painted in parking lots across the country. And not just in Mexico, either. All over the United States, too. Home Depot, Office Max, Target, all the big stores seem to have at least one somewhere in their parking lot. So why? What does it mean or what purpose does it serve?

Over the years I have asked everyone I could think of: employees, managers, other shoppers, even my father who knows the answers to questions I haven’t even asked yet. And not a one had any idea what it was. Most people had never even noticed it until I pointed it out to them. So one day, a few years ago, I made a decision. Once and for all I would decide what it was. Yep, me. All by myself.

It is, for all intents and purposes (are you ready for this?) an alien pick up point. That’s right. You don’t have to believe in aliens or even want to imagine them but it remains a new and little known fact. It is an alien pick up point. That means that unless you want to be beamed up to some unknown space ship and whisked away for some unknown amount of time, do not, under any circumstance, risk walking and/or driving over any pick up point. Ever. The consequences could prove fatal. And not just for you, but for those you love, as well.

A word of warning: some may not take the gravity of the pick up point seriously enough and may try to tease you about it. I made the mistake of telling my beloved about my concerns, and this week, when he went to town on his own, he took matters into his own hands. Unbeknownst to me, he made a special trip to Costco and amid stares from various shoppers was still able to find the nerve to stand right you know where. In the CENTER of the alien pick up point! Even worse, along with my favorite goat cheese, he brought me two horrible presents. This: 

And this:

 *          *          *

My Wednesday Wish for You?

Put a little silly into your week—in a parking lot, in a restaurant, hmmm-- even in your dishwasher or with a rubber band or two. Make yourself laugh. Make someone else laugh. Find a way to make your every day, a silly day. For sillies make smiles. And smiles open hearts. And open hearts make life a heck of a lot more fun!


  1. Hans Iskov Jensen11/17/11, 5:35 AM

    I dig daily sillies! And you're right, Brynne: it provides smiles and open hearts.

  2. And how you make soOo many people smile with your own open heart. Hans...I remember even when you were a spry little high schooler:) Always making us all smile. And me, still now:)

  3. Oh I think I LIKE your beloved - does he have a much older brother perhaps ??? Hehehe

  4. Oooh, how I wish he did! How I would LOVE to be related to you, my dear Jo!!!:) And he is soO much fun!! We laugh every single day...many many times!

  5. Brynne, you succeeded in putting a big smile on my face today with this silly and delightful story ;-)
    Your wish is always my command! Today (and lots of other days) I brought out my wild pony with brown eyes as big as pecan pies. He’s a music lover, and when my students show up for lessons he sits by the piano. And when their “concerts” are finished he goes fan crazy. I make him applaud, whoop and holler, and do cartwheels. (This is only for the younger students ;-) The high schoolers always smile though:-)

  6. I didnt know you taught piano lessons, Debra!!! But of COURSE you do!! I wish I could meet wild pony! What color is he? Does he sing along, too?? And what music do you most like to play, my friend? Debussy? Mozart? Beethoven? Grieg? And do your fingers also like to paint and make bread? I just know your fingers are art makers. I can see them from here, their elegance and magic enough to catch my heart in my breath.:)

  7. Wild Pony is tan with a light brown mane that stands staight up like troll! Mostly he listens to the kids, but sometimes he can't resist singing along. Me? I play all of the above, but not always like a virtuoso, because, well, I don't practice what I preach ;-(
    My fingers like to write too!

  8. Of COURSE they like to write! YayYY! But more than that...they weave words, mould ideas into little letters we can nibble on, chase and ride like Wild Pony on a best day! I wonder what music inspires you or if many do, depending on your soul's mood. I wonder when we will sip our she-crab soup and listen to the waves as they bring us closer to our secret dreams...Until then, I will wait, smiling:)

  9. I do this without trying. I worry about myself. I kind of decided a while ago to just be in the moment. Sure there are moments past, moments to come, but in the moment is where it all is. Like now, I started to think about the list ( my novel, the endless list of stuff to be done) and then remembered, the moment. Have a little fun, read a blog or three. Breathe and be grateful to have found kindred writers.. This is a good thing.

  10. I think you have pinned the tail on the invisible donkey, Brenda! It IS all about the moment and yet so few of us actually get that. Its all we have, though...right now. Profound, really. How I love all the things you share. I love the directions you take my posts and how effortlessly you give me something fresh and new to ponder. Thank you, beautiful Brenda! And p.s. dont you dare worry about yourself! You are pure lovely!