Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Wish (1)

To visit a forgotten dream or to create a new one that gives your heart an innocent, childlike smile.
I will wait for you the second star to the right.


  1. I'm so happy you liked it, Samantha! Made me feel dreamy...
    My friend Kristin posted it on her blog. She is amazing:

  2. I built a Tom Sawyer raft out of wood scraps as a kid. But building a 3 sail vessel out of scraps is something else entirely. Very sweet.

  3. I am not surprised, dear Sara...did you ever put it in the water?? River or ocean? Why dont we create something like this when you come visit?!! You can take pictures and I can tell our story...and we can both giggle our hearts out!!:)

  4. Funny you ask. We used scrap wood and rocks as hammers. But we built it far from any shore. It looked so cool when it was done. We did not expect it to weigh what seemed 100 pounds when we tried to move it. :)

    This sounds like a lovely and magical adventure. Thank you. p.s. Ive not been notified of your replies to my comments... so im going back through to find them manualy.

  5. So sorry that you arent notified, dear Sara. I will check my settings. Sometimes these things don't always work the way I want them too! Silly electric mess of complicated stuff!:)