Saturday, March 12, 2011

Magic 101

The tap-tap-taps inside our hearts, the flutters of our spirits, the dull aches of our souls—they aren’t as content to sit in silence anymore. We want magic. We want invitations to kinder, gentler worlds. We want nuggets of bliss not mundane tastes of the same bland days. But we don’t know how to get there. We’ve lost our maps and dropped our glasses along the way. But still, we continue to feel with our hands in the dark, hoping that one day something will change, that one day, we will know what to do and when to do it. And then, then, all will feel right again. Like it did before. Before we forgot. Forgot to sense the presence of magic.

1. Listen to your senses

Cry when you feel sad. Don’t watch the movie if it hurts you. Say no when you don’t want to go. Take a nap when you feel tired. Ride your imagination when the conversation doesn’t feel good. Buy the pretty flower. Smell it over and over again, letting its petals lick your nose. Eat the doughnut in the store. Close your eyes and devour it with a goopy smile. Smell an orange up close when you miss the tropics or long to feel warm. Dip your toes in the fountain. Even when you aren’t supposed to. Touch the softness of the fabric. Let its sensuality open your pores. Sing along, even out of tune. Ask yourself what you feel. Listen better for the answers.

When we honor our senses, they begin to show us more than we knew was there. Our senses trust us the more we trust them and that trust, opens up hidden worlds.

2. Share the delights of your senses

Compliment when you see something nice. Tell when you are moved. Laugh when you are happy. Weep when you are sad. Write them. Call them. Send them your feelings. Now, when you feel it. Take off your bubble. See your connections. Smell the flower in front of the clerk. Eat the doughnut when the person walks near. Sing when they are looking.

When we share we connect. When we connect, sparks fly and magic is released.

3. See with your heart

Be open to unproved, non-logical thinking. Believe in things that you cannot see. Expect the unexplainable. Notice how your mind cannot understand but your heart somehow does. Giggle more. Find the side of love. It’s always there. Water it. Fertilize it. Make it your own. Invite it to stay. Watch your world soften. Soften its edges away.

We have a choice. We can see dark or we can see light. The two are always there in tandem. Slowly, steadily, guide your Self in the direction you wish to be. Let your heart, via your senses, lead the way.


  1. Lovely post. You've given me my "soul fuel" for the week :)

  2. I am soO glad, dear Samantha!! Eager to see your book rise to the top of the charts, dear girl! Cheering for you, soul-sis:)!