Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaves of Love

Percy counted 37.

From her first bite of toast to her last sip of tea. 37.

That’s it, she said to Zach, I’m cutting it down.

Zach didn’t look happy but he didn’t bark or whimper or whine when she went to fetch the saw.

This tree is a nuisance. Its not even Winter and it drops more leaves than any tree I’ve ever met.

Percy marched over to the tree, put the saw on the ground and her hands on her hips.

You’re a nuisance. No amount of water is ever enough. You still drop too many leaves.

Just then, one fluttered to the ground.

See what I mean! Percy kept fussing.

Zach picked up a leaf.

He walked over to Percy.

What Zach? Can’t you see I’m…

Percy hadn’t noticed before. She was so busy fussing she forgot to see.

The ground. It was covered in leaves. But not any old leaves. These leaves were hearts.

Percy felt ashamed. She was old but not yet wise.

She watched as Zach went over to the tree.

What are you doing Zach, said Percy.

That’s when Zach gave the tree a hug.

And the leaves stopped falling.

That’s all you need, said Percy to the tree, a hug? So Percy gave the tree a hug. A great big love-filled, I’m sorry for fussing, hug.

And the leaves still didn’t fall.

So Percy looked up.

And around.

And inside.

And she saw love. Everywhere.



  1. All we need is love…

  2. I imagined it with your drawings, Kristin...which made it BEAUTIFUL to me:)

  3. I love it! So simple and elegant and meaningful. There's some great potential for illustration, too. Conjured up clear pictures for me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. p.s. heart shaped leaves adorn my fridge. Still haven't cut it down, either.