Friday, December 31, 2010

Interview with Lightworker, Caroline Shearer

I met Caroline Shearer on Goodreads, a networking website for booklovers like myself and soon thereafter discovered she had written a novel. I invited her here today to share a little about herself and her novel because she has struck me as someone cast from a different mold, someone who has chosen to create a life filled with magic. In fact, even though I’ve never met Caroline in person, her spirit has a way of touching me all the way down here in Mexico. Let’s find out more about her….shall we?

Your book is called Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date. Do you think of yourself as a Lightworker?

First of all, thank you for the lovely introduction, and I am so happy to be writing on your site, one that is filled with so many beautiful messages! You have such a beautiful soul, and it shows! I am so happy you are choosing to share your thoughts and discoveries with the world!
A lightworker is a soul who chose to help humanity evolve in a positive, loving way. It’s more than just a simple desire to be good or do good; it is someone whose life purpose truly involves helping humanity and teaching love. Watch my career unfold – I’m only just beginning, after all - and you’ll be able to decide if you believe I am a lightworker! And you might even discover you’re one!

Your main character has encounters with spirits and discovers she has psychic abilities. Did you believe in these things before you wrote this novel or did your main character bring them more to your attention as you wrote?

Oh, I very much believed they were real, and still do! In fact, the story itself is fiction, but every single encounter or ability Faith experiences, I have experienced firsthand. I purposefully wanted to write about these abilities in a realistic way because I have the hope that these examples will allow others, and perhaps inspire others, to explore their own abilities. I believe we all can communicate with those on the other side – souls who have been on Earth and angels alike – and I believe we all have natural intuitive abilities. It is simply up to us to allow them and to embrace them – and then choose to use them for good!

How do you, personally, let your imagination positively affect your life?

Imagination is so important! I believe our reality starts in our imagination. And when we are in that imagining state, not only are we manifesting – actively creating our future - but we are most in touch with God and the universal flow of life. When we allow ourselves to tap into that flow, we find life is smoother and happier, and we can understand the “big picture.”
On another level, imagination helps work out problems. When I am faced with a decision or am exploring options, I will play out different scenarios in my mind. Again, through that universal force, I will feel which one is the better course of action for me, at that time. I also believe when we can imagine the blissful feeling of God’s love, it makes it feel more real to us. We have a tendency to get disconnected in our daily lives, and imagining God’s presence can bring us to that wonderful place where we realize the presence of God’s love isn’t imagination, but, rather, reality!

Is there one message you hope your novel, Adventures of a Lightworker will give to the world?

Yes, I hope it will encourage people to open their hearts. Too often, we want to close our hearts because of hurts or fears; we think it is safer or easier to live life this way, when it is truly our soul’s desire to be free and to rise above these earthly concerns. If we each choose to live each day with an open heart, everything falls into place, and life is very beautiful, indeed.

Thank you, Caroline! To support this beautiful lightworker please buy Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date anywhere fine books are sold, follow Caroline on Facebook or Goodreads, and share this post with friends.
May your new year bring you even more magic than last year...with love,Brynne

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